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A boy wants to pilot the new generation of mecha, however something seems off. Join Ryo in an adventure of heroism, forgetfulness, and hope in an attempt to right the mistakes of human kind. Science fiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE


YOONSEOK (fem!hoseok;)— Hoseok era livre, eu não entendia isso. Era uma longa estória o qual eu amava. Eu não queria deixá-la ir. Porque tudo era ela. Dia, noite. Música. Literatura. Rádio, televisão… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Journey to the Stars

Julia has to find happiness... Where can she go? I know... To the stars Aventure COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Red Style

Red habita en un universo donde ¿ella es la única? la pregunta de millones de años prevalecía en su corazón. En un cosmos solitario, su alma vive en una constante duda. Estrellas y polvo estelar at… Histoire audiovisuelle Bandes dessinées COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The death of a blind tiger

A tiger suddenly appears on a ship sailing in the middle of the ocean. A woman disappears, and a man finds himself in his own madness. Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Love We See In the Stars

A collection of short stories based on true events and one fiction. All of these short stories shows the beauty of love similar to the beautiful shining stars in the midnight sky. Follow the journey… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Estrelas Além da Galáxia

Uma pequena viagem em busca de uma nova descoberta, em um outro planeta. Acompanhe a história de um homem que foi longe demais quando decidiu seguir a rota da missão debaixo do próprio comando. Science fiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Pequeño poema dedicado a las estrellas y a una persona especial <3 Poésie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Melody Love

This about a girl the writer she used to live with a male roommate she don't see him offten then she found out he was a pop star Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Over The Crescent Moon


Past Meets Future

The star ship Enterprise is casually flying through space when they come across a small gas planet. The ship’s sensors pick up life in a small human-sized pod. Unable to board the object, they use th… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Simple thought on Stars... Space and Time Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE

That One Summer

Sixteen-year-old June has seen the walls of a hospital more than some people have in a lifetime. Desperate to escape the pity of her siblings and brokenhearted parents, she convinces them to allow he… Fiction adolescente COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Why Stars Live In The Sky

It's a story about African culture about why Stars live in the sky Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE