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Untold Sorrow

When Jennifer buried her love the time stopped and she was no longer alive. What the benefits of life for a woman who lives without a heart. When she met Matthew Smith she read the story of her Sorro… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Love That Will Never Be

I fell inlove but due to the standards I had to uphold. I was left in tears and misery, never to love again. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A mother's sorrow

I was told I failed to protect them!?! But why... I had no idea when I found our that creep the nasty perverted waist of a life I caught him on my nanny came molesting my 4 and 6 year old daughter's.… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A troubled man looks to come to terms with the past, and encounters a situation that causes regret for some. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


The tale of two sisters COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The funeral of tears and sorrows

Love poem about 2 pagans who fall in love and experience the magic feeling of spiritual romance and a physical love COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Su fuerte tristeza y su persistente rechazo a la sociedad le transforman en una bestia herido de muerte, indigno de ser humano. COMMENCER LA LECTURE