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What If...?

Swaziland was her home. Key word "was". But now she faced the challenge of having to go back there again. The place she left behind. PSA / Disclaimer: If you're on wattpad, you might have seen or re… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love Or Lust

She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holding… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

All for One and One for All

It's not just a phrase. It's the code they live by, the bedrock of their brotherhood. Through thick and thin, they have each other's backs. These are the glimpses into the little moments in the lives… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

| Finding You |

" Why does life hurt us so much? More than we can bear?..." Hayah looked into Saira's eyes as she asked the most dreading question in her mind. Saira smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently. " B… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Edward and Selena have just started to settle in the comforts of marriage, it's not when the police come knocking on their doors that they realise the horror has just began. With new secrets to uncov… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Le canard

En 1287, les chevaliers du temple offrirent au roi d'Espagne un canard incrusté de diamants. Il fut perdu pendant des siècles, jusqu'à ce qu'il réapparaisse dans la cité de Blafère. C'est ici que com… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Suivez James et Shiny a... MIAMI !!!!!deux ados de 16ans dans une grande ville c'est comme un chat et un chien si on les met ensembles les bétises sont déclarés COMMENCER LA LECTURE