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300 Day hapiness

"I had a dream that when I come into the world, I will have a guardian angel. No matter what his name is. I will call him Mom. Mom, I'm here inside! We are already together! I’m very comfortable and… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


What if, in the distant future, reading became absolutely obsolete. Instead, our minds are dominated by advertisements and news reports. Constant talking, yelling, spewing of catch phrases, with no e… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aftermath: Book One, A Story of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse? Legionnaires from Hell?...Romance? ....Seems unlikely. When Suri Imenez finds herself facing down yet another brutal, northern Winter, what's a girl to do?! Why, head to your local Inn a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Amar e ser amado por você

Ritsuka Uenoyama e Sato Mafuyu estão juntos por três anos e, apesar de se amarem demais, nem tudo é perfeito e erros são cometidos. Por sorte, eles tem experiência em superar esses não entendidos. E… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Barsenty's Land

Hello dear parents and my little readers! On the pages of this book we will rejoice, develop, grow and watch the kitten Barsenty, who will then turn into the Great Warrior and the Mighty King - the l… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Delirium (2nd Draft)

The Governments have fallen. Corporatocracy came to power as One World Order dominates the world’s stage. People are huddled behind high walls of Fortcities that belong to The Owners whom have them t… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Depois da Escuridão

É sabido, ou assim se pensava naquelas terras, que eles não são os primeiros lá. As histórias contam sobre aqueles que vieram antes: os Antigos. O mundo deles era muito diferente do atual, eles cons… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

End Game

Kyungsoo acreditava que nada poderia tirá-lo de seu eixo, tendo o controle de tudo em suas mãos. Mas a chegada de Baekhyun, o forasteiro vindo diretamente das terras do sul, lhe faz abrir os olhos pa… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

In The End

My name is Lila Martin and today I will be marked. My mother and father were two of the last rebel generation before we were cast to the edge of the city in Miris, I will never have a family and my … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Marsopolis and neuroshere

Dear friends, readers and followers! I present to your attention another stellar story - about the pursuit of stellar grandeur, the triumph of bright minds and how the league and the neurosphere of … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Havia sangue em suas mãos. O sangue das milhares de pessoas que não tinha conseguido salvar em seu tempo. O sangue das milhares de pessoas que não salvaria ali. - Centred Mirai Trunks COMMENCER LA LECTURE

O Lado de Fora

Kaya. Aquele era seu primeiro e único nome. Não era uma coisa incomum no Lado de Fora, afinal, ninguém daquele local nascia com sobrenome. Todos eram obrigados a viver na miséria, em casas frágeis co… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Time travel is now a reality. It is now safe for travel in space-time as no paradox can form. But things changes when a young agent starts realising that something is not right. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Smart Happy Story

The universe of good hearts and good events enriches and nourishes each with bright emotions and love. The author continues to explore the world of modern aphoristics with the help of good emotions, … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Smart Inka's Story

This story about smart Inko and Inka, who helped people in joint machine learning, developing new high technologies in the 3 millennium. About this Story So, dear reader… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

SmartiScope: Best Future Story

The book is intended for a wide audience The author of aphorisms speaks every language of love, awareness and kindness Anyone who speaks the world in the language of the good will gain understanding… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

SmartiScope's Land

The author continues the study and knowledge of human intelligence, effective communications of a better future. Thank you so much, dear friends! You are particles of the divine power that moves the … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

SmartiScope's Land

The author continues the study and knowledge of human intelligence, effective communications of a better future. Thank you so much, dear friends! You are particles of the divine power that moves the … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

SmartiScope's Legends

Loving hearts and generations of a better future are in tune with the Universe. The author continues to study human intelligence and modern aphoristics A good aphorism is the basis for loving hearts … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

SmartiScope's Universe

The author continues to study modern aphoristics, knowledge of human intelligence, ideas about a better future. Thank you very much, dear friends! You are the particles of divine power that moves the… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Laundry

Ever had the thought of how fate and destiny can be molded to do your bidding? In this tale, we meet Rebecca who through her work and a visitor from the future discovers the great mystery of this and… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

TIMERZ - Finding the Immortal Stone

This is a story of fantasy creatures. They have silently done with their works. Two works which they are doing is destroying the human world. Another one is safeguarding the human world. There are so… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aspect Fly

Legendary space adventures of powerful spacers Funny and instructive space stories of magic - for children and their parents Funny space events from the life of spacer Jay and his friends Легендарны… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aspect Land

This is an endlessly moving and funny story about the legendary events of the Star League that took place in our Universe of Aspect Land For a wide range of readers, with best wishes, Lapina Margarit… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Big UniLands

As they practice in the Star League, while learning the great lessons learned from the era of leadership, the megatrends of the universe, and transforming their ideas into valuable experiences, the L… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


An amazing and mysterious storys General Krudo is interested in food with delicate aromas and exquisite taste, and meets unusual stories written in chalk on the dashboard of a local pizzeria Poetic, … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Darkest Of Us

Your inner demon, It may strengthen you or overwhelm you COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dia de folga

Shouto e Inasa precisam de um dia de folga da vida adulta para cuidarem um do outro. Ou basicamente sexo cheio de sentimento. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Diário fora de órbita

Uma astronauta vai em busca de planetas hábitaveis por toda a galáxia, o que ela não espera é o que há por vir COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El futuro de las chicas

13 años después de la serie, todas las chicas tienen trabajo, pero ¿de qué trabajan? ¿Habrán conseguido todas el trabajo que querían? ¿Por qué han elegido ese trabajo y no otro? ¿Es como se imaginaba… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El Ladrón de La Ley

El comienzo de toda esta historia. El futuro corre peligro y nuestro amiguito Marcus nos ayudará junto con un grupo de personas a tratar de restablecer el orden del mundo y su naturaleza. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

En búsqueda de una verdad

Dilian Manríquez, un chico que se ve con la dificultad de la reencarnación, tendrá que aprender a vivir e intentar cambiar los errores del pasado, así como la muerte de su amada, muchos misterios por… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Forever and a day

We didn't have an easy start- at all. We couldn't be official tell we were both 18 but good things do come to those who wait and he's still the best thing in my life <3 This is my future, OUR future.… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Have you ever thought

Don't you have questions too? It can be about anything in the world. But I want to ask you this... Have you ever thought? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Hear Us

Youths nowadays are neglected by their community, we need to support youths by empowering them to get involved in various sectors and also in decision making. If they given a responsibility in their… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Hear Us

Youths nowadays are neglected by their community, we need to support youths by empowering them to get involved in various sectors and also in decision making. If they given a responsibility in their… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Far in the future, mankind survived the third world war, nuclear war. Radiation killed more than half of the earth’s population, but over time people rebuilt the world, learned to live with it and th… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Inko, Inka and Fly

Once on Christmas Day Dwanta gave the children Inko, Inki and Katze fluffy kittens an Idea. What other good events and gifts did the good wizard bring? We will find out further It is your gift, my l… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


¿Te imaginas un mundo donde la perfección realmente exista....? Nadie estaba preparado para esto. Nadie pudo evitarlo, ni mucho menos pudo haber salido ileso. Nadie, menos ellos. No eran diferentes,… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Can you imagine a world where the perfection exist? Nobody was prepared for this. No one could help it, much less he could have been unharmed. Nobody, except them. They were not different, not bette… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Iris lanet, 17-year-old teen. Adopted by the Wilsons' family at the age of 7. Wilsons treated Iris as a maid and loved their two own children. Helen and Stella her stepsisters, treated Iris as a piec… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Яркие идеи и мощные открытия - для любящих сердец Совершенство и глубина добрых эмоций развивают человечество и вовлекают в созидательные процессы Замечательное повествование для любящих сердец Brigh… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My future...

Hey guys This is a small happening in my life which i came across and I wanted to show everyone that knowing ur future dosent help in anything because your future depends on u and not on what someone… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Passato E Futuro

This is a poetic account of a lady who has come from the future while travelling time and in her world everything is possible, but now when she is here returning doesn't seem easy. While switching th… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Power Legends

Dear children and dear parents! Here is a wonderful story for you. Good ideas, magical emotions - for loving hearts. Ruffson once delivered the crew of the starship Jingus to Venus with a team of Uni… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Rixus 90

Mateo Bayswater and Shikuro Kotu are extraordinary teens, they are the captains of Class 4G ever since the first day of school. But one day, an explorer named Savino De Mauro picked them up from scho… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


This is the story about the shift in the balance and the fight for planet Earth COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Mastering new planets, Anticipating a better future, humanity conquers stellar spaces This story is about the family of General Crudo and the cute kitten Prix who knows how to create portals to medzh… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The last she

Melody wanted a new life a new start, she had a bad history with her family and most of them rarely talked. She is a tough gurl and tho life told her otherwise she was a romantic she loved traveling … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Lost Biomes

Por cada día que pasa El apocalipsis Deja de ser un miedo Y se torna una esperanza. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Strike

The story unfolds in Argentina in the year 2045, where through a decree, all citizens are guaranteed to have equality of outcome, by preventing or cancelling the individual abilities of each person s… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tinkus and Droids

Hello dear parents and my little readers! On the pages of this book, we will rejoice, develop, grow and watch the kitten Tinkus, who on these pages, together with his friends and King Barsenty, makes… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Water & Oil:A Bleak Future?

Drinking Water, Not Oil..Is The Big Shortage Of The Future COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Смартинг в стиле Future

Автор продолжает изучение и познание человеческого интеллекта и механизмов эффективного мышления человека Методика саморазвития человека с элементами спичрайтинга рекомендована как ментальный тренаже… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

क्या आप भी Investment करने की सोच रहे है- तो इसे ज़रूर पढ़े

This article is for investment related. It help you to know more for your investment safely and with huge benefits. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aprendiendo a amar

Un drama de amor en un mundo futuro donde los más profundos conceptos sobre la naturaleza humana deberan ser reevaluados. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Exotic minds

Эта забавная история для детей - билингвов и их родителей, которые интересуются космическими технологиями, новыми идеями и открытиями! Автор делится с читателем эмоциями и добрытиями молодого космиче… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Смартископ Будущего

Ёмкие мысли великих людей, добрытия и фразы, величественные и знаковые события – это семена, посеянные в почву добрых сердец, а пожнет их Будущее Каждый человек, который явился на нашу Планету- при… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Самое ближайшее будущее. Знакомые вещи не тo, чем они кажутся. Канадский expat в Силиконовой Долине потрясен, узнав, что «незначительные» культурные различия могут оказать такое драматическое влияние… COMMENCER LA LECTURE