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All Around You

The truth is all around you COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Mojito Night

One little lie from a friend. Several unexpected events. Steamy nights. Learning the truth. Relationship status: It's complicated! COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish? “Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adven… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Desiree Johnson is officially in her last year of high school. Since freshman year, Desiree has dreamed of walking across the stage and accepting her diploma. She wanted nothing more than to make h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

An Orderly Life

A woman laments what she feels was an unfulfilled life. She examines her marriage and tries to realize her dream of a grand adventure COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Desire’s of the soul!!!

Look through the mind of a cancer and his views of sex COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Life behind closed doors

Sometimes falling in love is all you ever wanted but when you finally have it; it feels like nothing you never dreamed of. You just have to embrace it and makes the best of it. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Mindfest manifestation journal

What you will get with this manifest action journal Mindfest > Find out what you really want? < Get the law of attraction working for you > See a new reality > affirmations < Self discovery & Se… COMMENCER LA LECTURE