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Meeting Me In Between

I never imagined I would know what it feels like to see through someone's soul. I could see his soul - his eyes showed his truth but I never imagined it would feel like this, his soul completely beda… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dancing With The Devil / Larry Stylinson // LIBRO 1.

Es 1967 y Harry está harto de ser aquel chiquillo religioso al cual todos molestan. Cansado de un dios fingiendo oídos sordos, decide tomar sus propias riendas a escondidas: ¿Qué tan mal podría irle… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Keeping the Fire Burning

Upon realizing their intimacy was lacking greatly, Tara and Greg venture out to reawaken their sexual prowess. Things take a turn for the worse when a misstep creates absolute chaos. Will their love … COMMENCER LA LECTURE