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Affair with the Alpha King

Twenty-five-year-old Adhira Chawla is happy with her life as Beta to the Alpha King, Liam. Living with her family and friends, Adhira's world is thrown upside down when Liam's wife, Casey is put in a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Children of Wotan

Crossover AU. Twisted Wonderland x Sleeping Beauty. The Time of Man is already over them. But it never meant there weren't other deities and beliefs before: weakened, distant, but remaining. When a h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

entre lençóis

E naquela noite, Ten queria apenas esquecer todos os problemas que rondavam sua mente, e focar nas grandes mãos de Yukhei percorrendo seu corpo com carinho e delicadeza. [ yukten ◈ pwp!soft ◈ ten!b… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Get Cool

[Jaeyong] Já dizia a Lei de Murphy: "Qualquer coisa que possa ocorrer mal, ocorrerá mal, no pior momento possível". Entretanto, talvez Murphy não tenha pensado que o conceito de "Qualquer coisa" pode… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La Mur (The Wall)

The true story of a Tongan Wild Man living on Maui building Polynesian style rock walls. This short expose is interested in the life and culture of its protagonist and how his life evolved from one s… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Não acredite em fadas

Yuta lamentava muito, do momento em que botara os olhos em Sicheng, até o dia em que soube que amar contos de fada não traria a primavera de volta. (yuwin / halloween vibes) COMMENCER LA LECTURE

One Prayer at a Time

A collection of stories that ends in happiness or mishaps in African spirituality. Rituals are included. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Legend of the Canoes at Olowalu

Not everyone can say that they have slept on the beach of a tropical island. I can't either Hawaiian islands, like the island of Maui are sub-tropical. This is the recantation and fictionalization of… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Action & Consequence

How Actions affect,personally,& globally,if wrong choices are made COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Africa & Poverty:A Complex Issue

Africa:Poverty,exploitation & corruption COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Are Americans religious? Aren't the religious ones all Protestants?

Are Americans religious? Aren't the religious ones all Protestants? Find out... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aren't Americans white? I mean, the vast majority?

Aren't Americans white? I mean, the vast majority? Find out... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cool Stuff about the United States

A new post digging in about the things that make the United States unique. Some information left out of history books and some heads up for the country's future... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cool Stuff about the United States

A new post digging in about the things that make the United States unique. Some information left out of history books and some heads up for the country's future... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Death Of A Nation

How totalitarian forces gain power COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dinner Kinda Hot • Nomin •

Jantares de negócios eram extremamente entediantes para dois garotos como Jeno e Jaemin, mas eles sabiam bem como aproveitar o tempo em que os adultos não estavam de olho. • Nomin • pwp • COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fame & Fortune

Fame & Fortune,The Real Price COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Internet of Things in Farming and Agriculture

UbiBot had a dedicated team that will help you install sensors and software. Our products are reliable, with emergency support available in case of any technical difficulties. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

IoT Based Smart Agriculture with UbiBot

UbiBot is only one way to guarantee that you'll be informed the moment climate conditions change in an unfavorable way. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

milk chocolate 🤍

" elle se redressa nos bouches reprirent leur danse pendant que je lui retirait sa robe, que je balança de l'autre côté de la pièce, me dévoilant son corps c'était bien ce que je pensais elle me fesa… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

[NEOTYPE SS] Homem de Fases

Complicado e perfeitinho, Doyoung apareceu. E era tudo o que Jaehyun queria. [ Dojae | Tema da temporada 03: Música nacional + desafio ] [Originalmente postado no Social Spirit junto com a autora… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Remote Temperature Monitoring Via Internet

UbiBot automated monitoring began with wired systems, which remain a popular installation among many customers. We've continued to improve our wired offerings as we've developed new products. Because… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Searching For Hydroponic Company That Provides Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Setup in India.

Emesh Farms Technik can setup the best Indoor Vegetable Garden Setup in India. Fully automatic Hydroponic Environment Control Indoor Vegetable Machine are ideal choice to grow all leafy vegetables, l… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Smart Agriculture- A Boon to the Farming Industry

Smart agriculture has helped the agriculture and horticulture industry a lot. With time, advancements have been made that has helped farmers increase their net productivity of their crops and harvest… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about Canada (p. 1)

A continuation of the Stuff series. Here is the first of two parts about Canada, to spark interest and inform about places around the world. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about Canada (p. 2)

The second part of Stuff about: Canada. A continued look at what makes Canada a unique and interesting place, bringing information that may not be so well-known. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about: Iceland

The first in a series of blog posts whose goal is to spark interest and shed light on places all around our amazing world, geared toward today's readers. First stop: Iceland! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about Mexico

A look at some stand-out facts about Mexico, informing about some of the more interesting features and history of this complicated and beautiful place. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

That Dancing African Girl

Just sharing my culture with the world COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Outer Rings Of Sanity

Where does progressive modernism end..& Insanity begin? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Uma solução não convencional

Jaehyun se vê incapaz de acertar as notas da musica do próximo comeback, mas Johnny tem uma ideia para ajudar o amigo. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Water & Oil:A Bleak Future?

Drinking Water, Not Oil..Is The Big Shortage Of The Future COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Why are they called "Americans?": An alternate history

Why are they called "Americans?": An alternate history... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Wireless Vibration Sensors

UbiBot offers an advanced wireless vibration system. We are continuously updating our vibration system so that we can assist our customers in a better way. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Conquering South East Asia

7 Countries - 19 Destinations - 56 Days. This is my story about traveling in Asia, untapping incredible places, visiting ancient temples, discovering native culture, magnificent beaches, local foo… Histoire audiovisuelle COMMENCER LA LECTURE