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Healing Part Of Love

this is about two people went through some rough life the guy was going through drama and the girl that is important to him have move on and he lost her she doesn want to go back to her past because … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Me & My New Love Story

This about a girl want to meet her new love that is her true soulmate and there was alot of obstacle that get in the way her true soulmate have overcome the challenges COMMENCER LA LECTURE

New Mission On 2021

This about another new challenges that is jealous and envy me they want to destroy me but I keep winnin COMMENCER LA LECTURE

52 Challenges

Toca proyectar mi mierda de nuevo, pero esta vez con retos literarios. Pónganme en comentarios sus opiniones, criticas, y si desean ponerme algún Challenge más. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Add challenges and ideas to this list. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Hear Us

Youths nowadays are neglected by their community, we need to support youths by empowering them to get involved in various sectors and also in decision making. If they given a responsibility in their… COMMENCER LA LECTURE