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Aftermath: Book One, A Story of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse? Legionnaires from Hell?...Romance? ....Seems unlikely. When Suri Imenez finds herself facing down yet another brutal, northern Winter, what's a girl to do?! Why, head to your local Inn a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


When they asked a scientist to create a new kind of ammunition, they got a lot more than they bargained for: bombs that cause literal explosions of flowers. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Humanity's End

The Drakel bring about the destruction of 99 percent of humanity, bringing the rest under control in special colonies. Every three decades, the ones that survive get to be harvested for food and repr… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

ICARUS: O Fruto da Morte

A trama se passa em um mundo pós-apocalíptico onde criaturas criadas em laboratório possuem uma única missão: devolver a vida humana. No entanto, a Terra está sendo atormentada por uma espécie de par… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Kyle, el Apocalipsis

Xavier y Kyle se enzarzan en una pelea por tener en su poder una droga muy especial. Atención: Fragmento con homoerótica explícita +18 NSFW COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Caramel Coated Chaos

Furnished with two passable kidneys and a spirit of self-realisation, Ruskin Preece - that TunnelMonkey of no repute - is finally given a chance to leave his little hole of nothingness and rub should… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

After the Apocalypse

Depois de tudo, o apocalipse está de volta. Livro III do Apocalypse COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Ash And Ruin

Eighteen-year-old Aphrodite thought she had her life all planned out. But the zombie apocalypse means that those plans are now on hold. When she goes to get a vaccine that's supposed to protect her, … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El Principio del Fin

La humanidad empezará a conocer su tan esperado final... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Em um mundo de monstros

A historia de um jovem heroi chama Jack Murphy e seus amigos. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fallout : Wanderer

A story that takes place in the Fallout universe about a wanderer, not 'the' Lone Wanderer, rather a man who is equal parts gun for hire, trader, and many other things. His striking features? A suit … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La vie est étrange

Arcadia Bay est une petite ville en Oregon, sa seule université est Blackwell Academy, un établissement fréquenté par les riches, les délinquants et les scientifiques. Dans cet établissement, le harc… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Punishing: Alpha

Alone, No help, limited supplies, and the only weapon being a small caliber handgun and some super powered chick who tried to kill you not to long ago now lives in your head. This is the commandant o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Reign of the dead

Min Yoongi no sabe cómo ni por qué estaba sucediendo todo esto, él sólo recuerda haber pasado la mejor tarde al lado de su hermano, Jungkook, y luego despedirse de él para ir a trabajar, nunca espero… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Steins;Gate The False Messiah

Okabe Rintaro awakes in an unknown timeline without remembering where he came from -- here, he is presented with a dystopic world, at the brink of a third world war, and with cultist followers of a t… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Strange Aftermath

The old version available on Kindle --- We face a war, unknown to society, we face it in complete silence, everything falls apart, step by step, our lives depend on the survival skills we have, and o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Repeat

Detailed information about my up and coming book called The Repeat. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

There Unexpected Love Stories

Sa panahong na ito,did love still exists? Kung halos lahat ng tao ay nauubos na Anong gagawin mo? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Viator Chronicles

A collection of science fiction short stories that share elements which place them within the same universe. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Umarekawaru "生まれ変わる" (Renacidos)

La tierra fue cambiada completamente bajo la excusa del hallazgo de un nuevo comienzo... la rama científica humana halló en aquel entonces una nueva forma de energía. "Seríα un grαn αvαnce pαrα lα r… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Welcome To The Mountain Of The Dead

Gertrude Dixon leads the survivors of Lori Miller's plane crash to Mount Everest during the apocalypse. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Welcome To The World Of The Dead: Hunted

Michael and his group must now seek refuge in the woods but along came a strange child. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Welcome To The World Of The Dead: The Past Forty Five Days

Michael Samuelson wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world. He must find his family and protect those around him. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

ZOMBIES : Rise of the Dead

A bartender named Gavin needs to survive a zombie out break, will he survive. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Crystal City

Every utopia has an underbelly. Four years ago, Rifts opened up around the world and all the fantasy creatures people thought would be awesome came pouring out and proved everyone wrong. Those who … COMMENCER LA LECTURE