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A Trip to Remember

Valentina decides to take Agustina to an impromptu one-week-long holiday to their hometown, La Paz. However, an unexpected incident on the road changes everything. It's up to them how to get through … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Tercera parte de Valentina y su novia Ségolène. Valentina cumple 32 años, lo celebrará con su chica, sus amistades y sus parientes. Descubrirá un secreto de su hermano Julien, que sigue teniendo como… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Embraced by the Stars

"Damn, have I been hearing some noises from the kitchen, in the middle of the freaking night! Well, at first I don’t give a hell about it. After all, who in the world can be such a weirdo and wake up… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fade My Doubts Away

"At this point, I can’t help but feel like I’m a disappointment to all the people I love and who believe in me. Is this the story I’ve been waiting for years and years to have? Do I want to go on liv… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Lesson Learned

For a special lesson at the English language institute she works at, Agustina decides to bring one of her favourite songs to sing with her fifth-grade students. However, she doesn't expect the reacti… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Never Over You

After a rocky reunion, Agustina feels it is only right to give Valentina a second chance. After all, they used to be inseparable until Val was forced to leave La Paz and start over in another city. T… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Operation: Saving the Monthiversary

It is a night of celebration, but before it ends, Valentina is taken away from her romantic dinner with Agustina. Where is she being taken to? What will happen to her? How will Agustina react to this… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Our Christmas Story

How do you think Agustina and Valentina have spent Christmas over the years since they met? Get into their minds as they go back in time to relive their experiences on one of the most festive days of… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


La francesa Valentina Poussières, con novio, sufre pensamientos intrusivos lésbicos. Un día pilla a su novio en la cama con otra y rompe con él. Llega a un bar lésbico donde conocerá a Ségolène, enam… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Segunda parte de Valentina. Valentina y Ségolène ya llevan un año juntas, y lo celebran con un viaje a los Mares del Sur. Al volver a Paris, Valentina recibe un WhatsApp por error de una vieja conoci… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Writing to the Stars

Because missing someone back home has never been harder. Good thing she turned to poetry - and the stars - to pour down her thoughts and feelings about that special person. The following pieces of p… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


La Valentina fa 32 anys. Ho farà amb la seva xicota. Vet aquí el primer capítol. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Valentina y Ségolène llevan un año viviendo juntas, y siguen siendo felices. Pero un día, Valentina, después de leer el manga yuri Citrus, en donde sus dos chicas protagonistas se casan, decide casar… COMMENCER LA LECTURE