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Inspirational wisdom in poem/lyric form to encourage balance in personal behavior. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Our Prophecy

Spiritual Inspiration and observation of these end times. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Box

Unique Hip Hop with a Savage flare. 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥 COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What Takes Place Above... So Happens Below

Another examination and warning of the outcome from societies behavior and where we have gone wrong. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Non Fairy Tale

Examining Social Media and it's effects. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


My 1st actual novel. Please check out my prior work #The SpellBorn. It is a poetic story/Trilogy I wrote. You can find it here. I will be releasing a new chapter every week! The novel is probably hal… COMMENCER LA LECTURE