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A young inspector, after barely getting his job under the global government, is the only one to survive an attack by a mysterious and shadowy mountain tribe leading into a manifold of events, includi… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Crown of Blood

In this world where there's no right or wrong, good or evil, black or white you have to make your own justice. If you are not ready to do the unthinkable, dirty your hands with blood, you'll be food … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

One Prayer at a Time

A collection of stories that ends in happiness or mishaps in African spirituality. Rituals are included. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached by Edith Nesbit

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached was written in the year 1893 by Edith Nesbit. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La Bestia de Perdurabo

Un texto sacrílego que trae consigo maldiciones e infortunio. Un ritual majestuoso que tendrá como resultado la llegada al mundo de un ser completamente ajeno a todo lo que conocemos. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

MrE Grimoire

An accumulation of occult and spiritual knowledge. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What is Wicca?

What the writer feels the religion of Wicca and wiccan beliefs consist of COMMENCER LA LECTURE