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Anthology of Nonsense

Anthology of Nonsense is a compilation of short stories that make no sense. The only intention with this project is to let my imagination to develop and do something without taking care about sense. … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Sara estava descontente com a vida que levava na cidade, por isso, aceita passar um mês na fazenda de Natasha, sua melhor amiga, cuidando da filha dela. O que ela não esperava era que Léo, sua paixão… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Molly Moone and the winged Monkeys

Molly gets lost in the forest, hungry and on the search for her friend Spike she battles evil with her wits and saves the day. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Adventurous 3

3 girls go on a boat but... Read on to find out more within The Adventurous.. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Art of Falling in Love with a Star

Misty Brooke is a developmental editor with clear goals in mind: finish the manuscripts assigned to her every time and publish her own book. Head in front of papers and computer where various romance… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Creature at Your Window

Neddison Eddison, quite a strange man who has had a very rough upbringing. His life would get progressively worse as he grew up. Then he hit rock bottom, he became a homeless man, living on the stree… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love Or Lust

She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holding… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

20 short stories of silliness to pass the time

We've got everything from siren head to cats all kinds of craziness that will leave in stitch or in aww struck. These are short stories that will help you pass the time. - Still in progress that’s w… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Alice and the aliens

Alice loves outer space.She loves aliens.She loves exploring. What happens when she finds aliens and with it,a whole planet? What happens when she..falls in love with one? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

All for One and One for All

It's not just a phrase. It's the code they live by, the bedrock of their brotherhood. Through thick and thin, they have each other's backs. These are the glimpses into the little moments in the lives… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

"And you are supposed to be a detective?!"

While Elizabeth is playing old board games with small kids in the Green-Village, John is writing a protocol in his laptop in the Linux-City. One day however, these two totally incompatible people are… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cuentos descabellados

El libro trata sobre una recopilación de cuentos creados por Frederick Lamouth. Los cuentos son tantos sociales, como cuentos divertidos. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Good Mistake

Xore is troubled with family problems that tarnish her reputation. She wakes up in a stranger’s bed after kissing him the night before. He is the grand mafia boss who is the most powerful. He wants h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Hungry Humans Eating A Bizcut

I'm a special cosmic blink of existing matter.hope you schizophrenia people can relate bc I'm sorry but I'm a gifted soul with greater good in my heart when I did u can read this one day and say hey… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


He tratado de hacer esto mas de diez veces, pero aquí estamos, aquí vamos y pues esta porquería de computadora no me detendrá: Mi nombre es Yhandra, soy un civil de la sociedad normal (como tu y com… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Little Holly

Holly tried to take a short cut through the forest but she runs into several problems. 1.Hugo’s missing! 2.Mysterious monkey 3.So hungry! Holly must get back her precious Hugo and get out of this str… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Lucifer the annoying human

His name is Lucifer.He may just be a regular human,but he sure acts like the devil.From throwing cigarettes at babies to screaming at old women,he sure is one disappointment of humanity. His girlfri… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Luisa and the zombies

Luisa is just a regular sixteen year old girl living in a town which sounds like a zombie hunting camp. Other than that,there’s nothing too suspicious about her life. Until this cookie comes along … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Mal-entendido no consultório

Amedrontado pelos irmãos encapetados, Luffy espera tudo em uma consulta odontológica, menos que o doutor seja exatamente o seu tipo: tatuado, estranho e sério. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"No se lo que soy, solo se que estoy aquí" La vida puede ser muy grosera, repugnante, y cruel. Nunca hay que olvidar la fe, sobre que algún día todo lo malo que pase en ella va a terminar. Aquí esta… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Para Entender El Mundo de Harry

Solo es una prueba, para ver si le causa gracia a alguien COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Passion Sparks

A forbidden attraction grows even more complicated when Brooklyn Emerson's high school boyfriend, Sterling McGregory becomes her boss and moves into her house, things are bound to get complicated. Wi… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stella and Amanda’s adventures

Stella is a bold demon girl who isn’t afraid of getting into trouble.Amanda is a more reasonable angel who isn’t a goody-two shoes. Both have been friends for the longest of times. When a power-hun… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about: Iceland

The first in a series of blog posts whose goal is to spark interest and shed light on places all around our amazing world, geared toward today's readers. First stop: Iceland! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Blakes don’t know how to use phones

The Blake family up in Heaven discovers cell phones.. ..They know nothing about them. This should be interesting. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


What started as a joke with me and a friend is now a massive story. Two boys find themselves pulled into a top-secret pedophile hunting task force called the GPA. What could go wrong?? (Please know t… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The love triangle

It is the biggest day of Cassie Drakes life, the day had come for her to get married to her best friend. Cassie has not been truthful to her future husband and now has to make a decision will she say… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Populars

Outcasts that inspire to become superheros, but feed on popularity. Every character has a unique personality. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

They are calling - Larry

Harry é um garoto sozinho com problemas demais para pouca idade, típico da adolescência. As coisas iam normais demais para sua vida até sua mãe pedi-lo para ligar para seu primo Louis depois de volta… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Turning into a muslim

This is a muslim story there is some parts that are ugly by ugly i mean they have to go the the hospital. But other then that its fine. hope you injoy! ~sending best regards~ Muslim Queen COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Un poco clásico

Solo posteo cosas que pienso, me suceden o planeo, ya saben, cosas de adolescentes en plena crisis de adultez, en medio de una pandemia y súmale el hecho que puedo ser de la generación de cristal. Si… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Until you came

Ontmoet Emma Smith, een zeventienjarig meisje met een dodelijke attitude . Haar ouders hebben haar en haar zusje Lily in de steek gelaten en sindsdien zat ze in het systeem samen met haar zusje , bui… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Горячая кукуруза

Настоящая торговля- реклама, а не товар, это знают даже дети) COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cuando mi vida comenzó

Es en ese momento en el que decides que tu historia vale la pena, la vida, la alegría y tristezas contarse. Una joven que decide por primera vez contarle a su vieja laptop su vida, con la única esper… COMMENCER LA LECTURE