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The Cries No One Hears

Juliet Bradshaw is breaking. She has givin up on living, but no one cares. Her mom left town to exscape her abusive father, and she took her little brother with her. She thinks no one cares, and that… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stories I Want To Share

I don't think I can give a concrete description, there are several stories divided into parts, as you read them they complement each other along with the previous narratives. At first, those were jus… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Moon covered by sadness

Love desire May change all May perspectives in Life eventi as a candle in the black dark side of night.I can Hear a food sound in the quietness of the time agile i m s a wonderful tone of… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Do you know what extreme anxiety really is? Do you know what it can cause? There are levels of anxiety, everyone feels anxiety. But not everyone has her disorders and that's why I'll show you that it… COMMENCER LA LECTURE