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Beautiful Unknown

The unknown is beautiful because we don't know what will bring. Where, when, and how. A treasure may appear from nowhere, or an old dream that we almost forgot. And the unknown also brings us unexpe… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Suns and Moons

The wonder of unexpected love. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

That One Song

Walking down the streets, observing how everyone wastes their materialistic time. Maybe we should all just stop for a second and appreciate the small things in life. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A families power

A family trying to discover the true power of the cosmos while discovering the power of family. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Tale of an Amalgam

I was Takeda Kuroha in my past life. I had a normal life, normal family and friends, all normal. Until the Student Council President, Nobunaga Oda-san, suddenly stabbed me with a knife. After killin… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Kim Taehyung y Jeon Jungkook ingresan al primer semestre en la Universidad Nacional de Artes de Corea. Taehyung era igual de hermoso que un ángel, o al menos eso pensó Jungkook cuando vio al castaño … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Beautiful Stranger

This book is about a a young confused woman who fall in love with the wrong person will she escape from him? Will she have the Courage to get with Roan Grace? Will her relationship with Roan Grace la… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Beautiful Things

Sometimes we lose our hopes because we often think that we only saw the black things and thorns in our lives, never thinking, tons of beautiful things are still there in an abusive world. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Daddy's Rose | +18 (Relato erótico)

Rose sabe que le debe todo a su padre postizo. Entonces, ¿por qué no puede verlo como un familiar más? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

im-perfect + kooktae ,,

Donde tae sufre de bullying por ser gordo ,de clase media y "feo" ,todo lo repudiable que una persona pudiera tener ,Kim Taehyung lo tenía. Aúnque Tae no lo sentía así ,la gente lo hizo sentirse así… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My beautiful Calypso origin stories

You’ve read the story,now it’s time for the origins! Each tale,though short,tells of a different story.Each tale tells of a different person. Which one will you connect to? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Scenic linkz

About our new organization scenic linkz COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Sister's fight

this was a sister's fight but in the end all is well that ends well COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The World Is Still Beautiful

¿Porque me sigo aferrando aquello? ¿realmente aun no puedo olvidar mi pasado? Son preguntas que la adolescente de 14 años Lucia Singleton se hace frecuentemente. Con tristes recuerdos de su pasado qu… COMMENCER LA LECTURE