alicealamo Alice Alamo

— Did you see her? — Yes, dad. — Hum… and… did you talk to her? — Kind of. — And… — he stops, looking at his own hands. — How was she? I stare at him, thinking of how to say that she didn’t miss any of us, that my sister has only agreed to meet me because I lied promising her money. He waits, eyes glittering, expecting good news. I force a smile. — She’s fine, we had some coffee, but she was in a hurry, we didn’t talk that much. I’ll try again next week, dad, don’t worry, ok?

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  21 Mai 2019 18:29:10
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Ariane Munhoz Ariane Munhoz
Ai, gente, quanto mais você avança nessas microficções mais de coração partido eu fico. Essa irmã simplesmente não merece a família maravilhosa que possui!
21 Mai 2019 18:48:05

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