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— Are you ok? — Yes — you answer, and you don’t care enough about me to ask me back. — Did you bring my money? — Money? — You said that father left me money. — And you that you'd never accept anything from him anymore. — Beatrice! — There’s no money. Only a silly hope of a naive person. I just can't say if I'm talking about me or about you now. — Incredible… Did you lie to me? — Yes. How does it taste? Disgusting, right? — Good bye, Beatrice. — Bye bye, Sis.

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  20 Mai 2019 18:59:44
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Commentez quelque chose

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Ariane Munhoz Ariane Munhoz
Tenho amado os sentimentos empregados em cada um desses microcontos. Parabéns por estar fazendo um trabalho incrível aqui!
20 Mai 2019 20:02:35

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    ahhhhh obrigada, Ari! Ta acabando, você notou? Estamos na número 9 e vai até a 15 <3 21 Mai 2019 06:38:35

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