Vampyre: In Cold Blood

Despite ceasing to be, she's never felt more alive. A freshly turned vampyre must traverse a dark and dangerous world where everyone is out for themselves. There's rumours of a slasher roaming the urban streets, a mad vampyre who can see through time, and a grand conspiracy involving the highest players within the Inner Circle. Good luck.
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Dead in a small town

Was the move to a small town a good idea for Tessa and her family
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Vampire Bomb Squad - A Grand Eye Tale

A story about the complicated relationship between vampires and high explosives.
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Melanie’s adventures:origin stories

Histoire non vérifiée The origin stories of the tragic characters,from Melanie’s adventures. What was their fate?
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Tessa and Gehenna Blythe

Histoire non vérifiée Tessa loves to photograph things! From discarded trash to well-grown gardens,she snaps it all with her camera! When she’s assigned to photograph the haunted Blythe mansion,said to be haunted by a lonely girl named Gehenna,she finds unexpected love along the way..
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My love,my criminal,my vampire

Histoire non vérifiée Perdita Jones didn’t expect to be kidnapped by Thorne Avenal,a fearsome criminal.. ..Who is also an enchanting vampire. Oh boy,what’s next? They’ll be falling in love?
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Poppy McLain’s adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Poppy McLain was just living her life,until a vampire walked into it. Yes,you read that right.A vampire. She’s going to have ten epic adventures with the vampire,ten epic adventures that will change her.. ..Forever.
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Melanie’s adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Melanie Angelica feels misunderstood by her family and those around her.She likes to look at the darker,gothic side of life.It’s who she is! When she moves to an old and abandoned mansion,she feels right at home. Especially with the coffin in the attic..
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Ghost House

Histoire non vérifiée Thomas HATES Halloween.He absolutely DESPISES the holiday.All those decorations,predictable horror movies and the overpoweringly sweet candy..he just doesn’t get the hype. Too bad he lives in a town that absolutely WORSHIPS it. Wanting to avoid the festivities,he decides to hang out with his boyfriend Cain at his house. Cain’s house might be cr…
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acheter abonnés youtube

Histoire non vérifiée Pour attirer plus de spectateurs, de likes et d'abonnés sur YouTube, vous devez proposer un contenu de haute qualité, à la fois engageant et intéressant.
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Histoire de blog

Pioneer Woman CBD Gummies Reviews

Histoire non vérifiée
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Toni’s famous blog

Histoire non vérifiée Paranormal
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Histoire de blog

A haunting in North Carolina

Histoire non vérifiée A haunting in North Carolina
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Bad Boy Love

Histoire non vérifiée Casey is a boy looking for his mate and in the story he gets hurt. Then meets Julia
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Brothers 2

Histoire non vérifiée He just wanted to be loved
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