The story of kila the pero

Histoire non vérifiée This is a story of a young pero who was abandoned by her flock and has to find a way to survive. As she gets old and the moths go by she will learn on how to survive.
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After You

The first "Transmutation" story. Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequen…
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Death of a King

Katherine did not want to return to the Institute. The monolithic establishment- born from dead Gods and mandated to protect humankind- is broken. It is also a painful reminder of her dead girlfriend. But old enemies have resurfaced, and Institute strongholds around the world are falling under vicious attacks from beasts and faceless armies. …
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My Wonder System

Histoire non vérifiée Frank Hart lived a peaceful life with his mother in the lonely town called Marble, he had most of the things he needed and life didn't seem to be harsh on him without a father. Deep in the forest of Marble town was an underground settlement but it was abandoned. The body of a tyrant was buried beneath it, but it wasn't locked up forever as the…
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Histoire non vérifiée Des ouvriers construisaient un édifice dans un chantier.Soudain, un jour on vient de leur déclarer que tous les matériaux qu'ils utilisaient ont augmenter.Que vont-ils faire continuer ou arrêter de travailler .....Pour connaître la suite ...lisez leur aventure...
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The Alpha's Twin Daughters

Histoire non vérifiée It is said in the history of werewolves that only one Alpha's daughter can be on Earth at one time. What happens when loving alpha and Luna have their twin daughters ?? Something that's never been heard of in the history of werewolves. Also what happens when one of the twin daughters is out for her run with her newly found mate and discovers somet…
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Histoire non vérifiée Think before you speak. Read before you think.
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Over the Milkyroad and Through the Clouds We Go~!

Histoire non vérifiée A whimsical story about a lost girl, based on my childhood and interests. Amara is definitely not your normal little American Girl. She's more than a bit odd, though so is her family as well. Tragedy befalls Amara and she heads off on adventure with the help of her blue plush mouse and an obnoxious owl.
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The Fight For Love

Histoire non vérifiée Rose Hineki, a 18 year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elorian Secret Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever change her life. Will she get the opportunity to find out who is behind the crimes committed in the past? Will the love between her and a guy she met alo…
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Add some magic to your rigid packaging via customization:

Histoire non vérifiée Get your rigid boxes ready as per your requirement, and make sure to get your packaging customized to get perfect shipping experience.
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Histoire de blog


Histoire non vérifiée…
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Befriend Hero Third Edition Based Series

Histoire non vérifiée My cartoon befriend hero lives with his cartoon normal-size pal African American mute woman and her family in an Alternative dimension of his hometown West Mobile. He helps her solve problems and avoid my twin spoiled sister billionaire Donna's attempts to expose him on Third Edition Comedy Adventure series.
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Life After You

Histoire non vérifiée Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequently assigned into four pairs and …
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The Guardian of The Night

Sometimes life tests man in such a way that he becomes silent. He cannot express himself even if he wants to. Nor can he make a decision for himself. Be thankful for all the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser, and humble. DON'T LET IT BREAK YOU! LET IT MAKE YOU!
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Histoire non vérifiée This is the adventures of Princess Leona Smithly. She is 16 years old; She is the only heir to the Starland throne. She is every bit confused, worried, and hormonal teenage girl like any other. Only she is of course not allowed to present herself in such a way; like the other teenagers can. No, she has to portray a perfect life. Be the one every y…
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The Age of Dragons

Histoire non vérifiée Dragons? Yes, they exist. Like in fairy tales they are scaly and can fly. Fire-breathing big guys with a killing genius, but different from what you think, do not always assume the role of villain. When they wish they can become alluring and hypnotic, lovers and friends. My name is Aimil Lace and I’m part of the Red clan’s third scale. This is the…
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Did I just transmigrate into my own novel?

Histoire non vérifiée "Tears of blade" was a cliché novel where the demons invade the earth and try to take over it. Along with the demons came elves, dwarves and orcs, who had their respective planets overtaken by the demons. The only thing that set it aside from other fantasy novels was the fact that humans actually retaliated much faster and fiercely, surprising all…
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The Otherkind

Histoire non vérifiée Eris has never had a normal life, but it takes a turn for the worse when she makes a nearly fatal mistake she can't take back.
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Eyes Of The Secret

“I want to hide away from the secrets. And for those I already know of, I want to disappear…” Elena Martinez is a 20-year old college student. She has a dream or a nightmare—like every normal person—but this one was different. She knew it. When she starts to see the dream come to life, she becomes scared. She meets an Angel, who tells her he want…
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Somewhere Between Magical And Real

Histoire non vérifiée As a siren, Calliope was perfectly content with just hooking up with other supernaturals and partying. Then she discovers she has a lot of powers that other sirens don't. And someone wants her dead for it... Can she and her supernatural friends stop this mystery person before it's too late? Join them as they go on their journey, meeting monster hu…
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The emerald hairpin

Histoire non vérifiée Esther, a 19-year-old student suddenly disappears from her classmates and finds herself in a kingdom, where her past was written, and so does her future. With the help of the prince Stuart, she would unlock all the hidden books that explain to her everything, but, she doesn't know that she has a price to pay
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A World Of Magic

Histoire non vérifiée A girl, Jess, keeps dreaming about a fantasy world, but her dad doesn't believe her. She meets her friends Lilly, Slya, and Amara in The Kingdom Of Kimesin. They show her something wonderful! Read the story to see what happens next!
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Histoire non vérifiée The first story in the dragon knights series! Please comment and tell me what you think I would really appreciate that thank you for reading!
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Histoire non vérifiée Dr Ren ,Sou and Rema went to an another world by a time machine and could not get back to earth as their time machine broke. They faced many dangers. Then they decided to meet with the sun king of Austagoros[name of the world] as only he could bring them back to earth. This is going to be a hell of a journey.
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The Magic Within

Histoire non vérifiée A mysterious book that caught her eyes one day. Asheena doesn't know that the book itself is a magic. A magic that lets her go in other dimension. The dimension where Helioth is in. Come and Read the love story of the two person in other dimension.
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Tsuyuko and the Kitsune Prophecy

Histoire non vérifiée In the Takemijo area lives a 16-year-old girl named Tsuyuko. Everything was calm until the day when the Kitsune Bloodthirsty army attacked the human world. The teenager will meet the Kitsune of the Wind, live a great Odyssey to save the innocent inhabitants of this world. Will she get there? To Know follows the odyssey of the girl who saved th…
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The Faerie Promise

Aurora lives in a town known as Faerie Vale. She and the other children in the town have grown up hearing the legends and the rules. Legends of mischief and disappearances. Rules of what to do if you encounter one of the fair folk, one of the fae. None of the school children believe these fables that their parents tell them. None of them but …
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Flame Paladin

Histoire non vérifiée After leaving the world’s premier superhero team, Chelsea Warner works as an adventurer, taking jobs as a bodyguard, magical beast hunter, and dungeon clearer, when she’s not dodging press and business tycoons trying to get her into sponsorship contracts. After she gets ambushed on a subjugation job, she slowly gets dragged back into the superhe…
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