The tail of a child of magic

Histoire non vérifiée Hi I am the author of this book so this book is about a kid who travels to another dimension
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Histoire non vérifiée A girl,an alien and one big secret
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Handprints in the mirror, eating the hair, footsteps on the dust, mysterious smells, child touch, baldness, a cut nose, hanging corpse, murder and gunfire. What is happening is true and what is going to happen is also true. What is in front of the eyes is true and what is hidden from the eyes is also true. Whether the crime is committed by humans…
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Histoire non vérifiée 2022 here i come🥳
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The Cartoonist

Histoire non vérifiée Leah Drew daughter of Joey Drew gets betrayed by him and dies because of him, but later on she returns stronger than ever.
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Histoire non vérifiée MY BRUSH WITH THE AMBASSADOR OF SATAN- is my true life experience with an emissary from satan who subtly appeared and disappeared to destroy me. This encounter was not just an ordinary one because my future, ministry,etc all depended on which way Victory tilts itself! Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of hea…
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Tag, You’re It

Histoire non vérifiée Inspired by Savana Moss’s “A Million Dollar Game of Tag” on YouTube. Go check her out! TW: Cursing, Gore, Death, Anxiety, Depression, Horror. Spanish version coming soon! (Version Español en camino!) Karai and Hailey are the last two survivors in death tag. Or are they? The game started 2 months ago. Or was it 2 years? Will they survive? Or wil…
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The Shawkin's Lab

Une partie de l’univers de Vijay~books This is the story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saved their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed.
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The Old Lady

Just once my dad missed a Christmas Eve with me. [Written to the MicroPanic contest] #thrillertime
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My Twin Bailey

Halley and Bailey are twins who were separated at a young age. When they reunite together again, the twins get kidnapped. As their kidnapped a series of events come into place.
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The Polyphonic Ringtones of the Damned

Moonbeam is an alcoholic Capuchin monkey working a human world of madness, fire, alcohol and hot-desking. Can he stay sober enough to find the person out to ruin his life?
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Murder In Claremeny School

Recent events show multiple kids going... missing. When a few kids figure out the truth about what's happening, they must find out who's behind all these horrible acts. TW: Murder, violence (I'm sorry, it's horrible, but it's a murder mystery, after all.)
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐎𝐧 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐮𝐬

Amelia, a seemingly innocent girl who attends Kingship college, somehow gets wrapped up in a 𝐌𝐔𝐑𝐃𝐄𝐑. Come along as secrets are unraveled and find out what happens and how it's all connected.
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Through His Eyes

Having a mutual hobby could be more dangerous than you think. When they stumble across their next adventure, on a break from university, they get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t be woken from.
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The story of a doctor who learns to overcome his great fears
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Col raised me and the things I learned from him was certainly different from what my parents taught me, I still remember their passing, as though it happened yesterday; Col never erased my memory because I didn’t want him too, he probably thought keeping that memory will strengthen me. I grew stronger than him, and I trained harder than him. But…
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Today is the Day

Histoire non vérifiée Mike Hawkins has lost everything he cares about in his life. He doesn't know what to do anymore. Until!
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The Paths We Take

Histoire non vérifiée Adventure vampire book
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Shadow Trigger

I stare at the shadow lingering in the dark, “Who are you?” The only thing I can hear is his breathing “What do you want from me?” His silver silencer points straight in my face and panic spread fast through me “Please don’t shoot me…” He doesn’t reply, he does nothing other than scan me with his piercing blue eyes… his finger plays on the trigger…
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Till the end?

One group of four friends. A sick game and an unexpected death. After that, three of them are left. The responsibility on them. Are they innocent like they claim or not?
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Brown Alien and the Magic Three

Lance's life with his wife, Fe, is falling apart after some "legal trouble." His distress will lead him to discover the brown alien, some Sanskrit words, and a mystic gang lord named Luci who is hell-bent on ruining Lance's life. Craving stability, some life changes will force him to face his demons in various forms and battle his fear in the fles…
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The day I died...

Ally is a 15-year-old girl, with parents that won't let her leave alone, and when she does for the first time she finds herself in trouble! WITH NO WAY OUT
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The Utretch Incident

SS-Utrecht: The Forgotten Story of a Forgotten Ship.
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Get the Best Coupon Deals in BALTIC

Histoire non vérifiée Get ecommerce statistics for 2022 at The following ecommerce statistics for 2022 are a few of the most important metrics to watch. Stay up-to-date with the latest numbers by checking back for updates. Visit our site for more details.
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Histoire de blog

The Cottage

Histoire non vérifiée The cottage still lays in Crystal oak, the hunt is on the theorists continue to go along with the search for the hidden structure, lacy supplies a lot of security to prevent bears treading,
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Who Is Bryce McCain?

Histoire non vérifiée In A Story Told By The Author, A Young Girl Finds Herself Surrounded In Murders And Mysteries, That All Point To One Man. But No Matter How Much She Investigates, She Is Always Left With One Question: Who Is Bryce McCain?
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What Happened to Summer

Histoire non vérifiée Summer goes missing. No one knows what happened. Many false leads. No answers. Sienna, summer's sister takes it into her own hands.
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Densetsu ni narou: Seoul Nights ENGLISH

Une partie de l’univers de Densetsu ni narou Español Histoire non vérifiée LIGHT NOVEL. FOLLOW ASHER PERCEDAL IN HIS WAY TO SAVE THE PEOPLE HE LOVES AND HIMSELF. THILLER. MYSTERY. ACTION.
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