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A Monstrous Offering

Récit promu A dragon awakes after a slumber lasting an eternity to discover its kind all but extinct, but when he runs across a scared human child during a morning hunt, he is perplexed by her lack of fear towards him.
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Collected Short Stories

These Short Stories were specially written for the challenges by Inkspired. I also include stories inspired by themes proposed for challenges I didn't take part in. Some of them have been reviewed and corrected, and some have extended versions.
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The Tyranny of Time

Short stories about the passing of time. How we experience different events at different moments of our life.
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The Run Away

A story of a 16 year old girl who was abused and no one believed her so she ran away and went down a bad road but then something happened!!
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Stay - just a little longer

Ever wished something or someone would STAY - JUST A LITTLE LONGER?
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Robots vs. Rebels

The not so distant future where AI controls the world. Humans have to live in fear of the Cora, the ultimate AI that determines the fate of everyone and everything
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Stuff of dreams

Another GTP-generated story about a girl who discovers she can turn dreams into reality just by drawing them
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A millenary legend of love and betrayal. Jealousy can destroy everything good in a person and forever change the fate of the world.
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PORTAL Chronicles

Most stories happened in the past, this one is different.
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The Secret Room

After the death of his father, Quentin and his mother move into an old abandoned mansion. While she does everything to renovate the mansion for it's new owners, Quentin discovers something that will change his life forever.
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Truly a Man

He was bigger than they thought
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What would you do if your dreams where trying to tell you something? Would you run or would you embrace it? When Charlie finds herself inside the same dream she always has, she wants nothing more than to get out. But when she hears her name she knows something is different. This time she isn’t alone and when she comes face to face with her suppos…
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Living in Dreams

The story of those who hold on to their dreams while growing up...
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The Town Mermania

A family story for all ages
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Eva's Choice

While she decides her lunch, Eva goes to the fruit stall to buy lemons. On the way, her thoughts about dating Milena or Felipe remerge and a decision has to be made. Published in Revista Paranhana Literário. November. ed. p. 67. 2021.
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I Am Done with my life

Am I living in simulation.
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Inclus dans: Welcome to future ($5/mois)

Edith's Secret

Aimeeka Marlowe, a teenage detective, takes a detour on Friday night to solve a decades old cold case. Short story
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I wish I had said more.
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Willa Jane

Do you want to here a story about a 6 year old girl that has a magical adventure inside a magical mirror? Well here it is! I hope enjoy this fantasy adventure inside a magic place. I hope you like it :)
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