Truly a Man

He was bigger than they thought
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Look at me

Is about life.
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Rose Diana had a difficult life
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melody of the wind

Annika searched for happiness for a long time until she finally found it
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Campfire People

A long time ago by a lake and a fire...
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The End of The World

Evie was twelve and all she wanted in life was for the world to end.
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What you are ashamed of

The answer he gave made me restless. It is like that every man sitting in a high position in the office does not lie, does not cheat or does not act dishonestly? And if he does, why isn't he ashamed?
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Love's Continuum

In 1943 two Yale professors discover a magical time stone in South America. After a tragedy hits one of them they decide to use it to change their fate but soon after discover everything isn't as it seems.
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Girls' Frontline Commissions [English]

Here you will be able to read the different commissions I have been asked to write about the Girls' Frontline's universe. The general vibe may greatly vary from one story to another, depending on what the client has asked of me. The first words are the name of the client who has ordered the commission, while the later words are the name I have gi…
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Train journey

A story of a young girl going to her collage, but will she get there safe?
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The day you turned down.

A motivational poem to pump you up.
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Its What you see…

Two kids came back to their village from cities after years, what do you think there perspectives be like.....?
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Pot Plant.

A story of a 7 years old cute yet poor girl who became rich cause of her innocence.
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The Tree Horror

People say that pine trees are just trees. But I bet they have feelings. Here is a Christmas story like no other. Read this not that scary tale from a Japanese maple point of view.
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Lesson Learned

For a special lesson at the English language institute she works at, Agustina decides to bring one of her favourite songs to sing with her fifth-grade students. However, she doesn't expect the reactions of some of them... Based on real-life events
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The Disappearance

A short story about a girl who disappeared while searching a house with her friends.
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Good Evil Angel

Francesca heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. She can't imagine what awaits her!
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At a bus stop

At a bus stop, Eduardo's life began to get less gray...
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How to Say 'I Love You'

There's never a wrong moment to tell someone you love them. How to Say 'I Love You' is a collection of short stories exploring the many situations in which those three important words can be said.
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Collection of stories, micro stories and short stories

Once I wanted to write about a mermaid and another time about seeing ghosts. Inspiration came in the form of three words about heaven and with just ten I created a fairy tale. I have had a taste of poetry, thanks to the moonlight, and stories of less than five pages. Here I compile them for you, because together they are better than separated. …
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Eternal Beauty

Do you know who you are going to have an encounter with?
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Fear, anguish, and dread are some of the main ingredients to make any reader fall in love with horror, leaving their complexion pale and their hair standing on end. No wonder! Who doesn't like a plot that's, like, loaded with suspense and mystery, and keeps you hooked until the very last page?! That's exactly what the short story “Nightmare” is ab…
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From Beyond

"Are you familiar with the feeling of when we are very stressed and, out of the blue, life comes and gifts us with something good? Well, living this good experience is a great relief, isn't it? Well... Except for Mr. Igor, whom, after so much rush to resolve the issue of his great-grandmother's land, ends up meeting a very nice old couple, but in …
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Blood Sunday

After days and days of tension in the office, finally the young realtor Renato was able to take a deserved vacation after all the work in the past months. His destination? A trip with his family from Florianópolis to a farm in Sanclerlândia, Goiás, where his in-laws live. Renato just didn't count that his moments of leisure and rest, from out of t…
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After getting back from a long business trip, Antonio's mind is set on ending things. Telling his wife, once and for all, that he doesn't love her like he used to, and that from now on, they should part ways. But Antonio didn't expect that, between a few sips of a good cup of coffee, a lot can happen between heaven and earth; even old feelings res…
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Time with you

When the near tragedy of an unexpected event ends up transforming the relationship of a father and son who never got along.
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Opposite Worlds

Get ready to meet Veronica, a girl with a heart bigger than the world, fresh out of her native country. Despite missing her deceased mother buried in Colombia, she feels happy, as she struggles with Sofia, her younger sister, for better living conditions, working hard in Japan. However, love will play a hell of a trick on her.
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The Day I Meet a Reptilian

Danny O'Brien, an online business worker lives on the outskirts of town living in an apartment that looks over the river. One morning Danny leaves home to sort out a few things when he finds himself getting lost and bumps into a stranger that doesn't seem to be human.
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