Simon Bricker's Mistake

"A man who thought he could step into my place just like that!" "He thought it and he was wrong!" There's way more to Simon Bricker than anyone knows and Cora is hurt severely in the process. Does Robert really believed she chose Simon over him?
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Past Meets Future

The star ship Enterprise is casually flying through space when they come across a small gas planet. The ship’s sensors pick up life in a small human-sized pod. Unable to board the object, they use the ship’s beam to pull it out of the planet’s outer atmosphere. Once the object is safely out of the gas planet’s orbit, they beam aboard the life form…
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L'amitié est déjà une preuve d'amour.

Fanfiction de teen wolf Comment gérer le retour de son meilleur ami, avec qui on as eu une liaison caché jusqu'à son départ ? Comment faire quand au bout de deux ans on est toujours amoureuse de lui alors que chacun a vécu sa vie pendant ses deux ans?! "TP" seras ta personne donc TOI, tu vivras de "belle" vie avec les personnages de teen wolf. Le …
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The Brotherhood thought he was dead, but she found him. However, getting him to agree to the mission she had for him was another matter entirely… This story portrays Sapkowski´s Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. The events occur after he met Yennefer but before he was reunited with Ciri.
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Secret past

Histoire non vérifiée 19 year old Cora Levinson was kidnapped and missing for a little over a year. When she was finally found, it was discovered she'd been beaten,tortured , and sexually assaulted. To protect her from the press, as well as the vile family of the man who hurt her, She assumed a new identity per the witness protection program and moved across the Atlan…
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A Miami Story

Histoire non vérifiée ,,I wish I could tell him that I love him." Horatio gets kidnapp in frount of his Co worker Ryan who he loved for years now. Can he be saved and will Ryan love him back?
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T.P.S The Phoenix Skiers

Histoire non vérifiée Rebirth
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Histoire non vérifiée Angel is half human and half timelady. Her mother was from Earth, while her father was from Gallifrey. She thought she was the last to survive but she found out there was the Doctor and another one. The other one was dead though. The Doctor and Angel had no idea what they meant to each other until later on. The more they were together the strong…
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Missy x reader

Histoire non vérifiée The Doctor kicks you out because he doesn't want to admit you saved him and you both get into a big fight. He says something hurtful before kicking you out. Missy then takes you in hopes to get the Doctor's attention but then she discovers what the Doctor did and for your sake decides to change because she knows what it's like to be thrown to the …
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Adopted by the 13th Doctor

Histoire non vérifiée There is a girl who no one seems to want. She has autism but she was unaware of it until she reached 15 which is also when her parents passed away. The foster place immediately got her an official diagnosis. After that no one treats her the same. She was constantly bullied in the orphanage and at school since her "friend" told everyone she saw. Sh…
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13th Doctor x reader

Histoire non vérifiée The reader has some struggles and she suffers from depression, anxiety, SH and really negative thoughts. Everything seems hopeless for her since she has lost everything. The Doctor comes to rescue her in time and she decides to try and help her recover. The reader has the ability to see auras and sense emotions since she is an empath. Yaz the Doct…
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Spider Monkey

Histoire non vérifiée While looking for Sophia, Daryl comes across a boy in the trees. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t communicate in any way and flaps his hands when he’s happy. He’s autistic and non-verbal and will not leave Daryl alone! Also, future Carl Grimes x Male OC Dad!Daryl Anyone?
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A Secret In Sulphur Springs

Histoire non vérifiée Griffin Campbell moves into the haunted tremont with his family bringing a lot of attention towards him at school. Especially from best friends Juniper Springs, Harper Dunn, Klaus Baudelaire, and Violet Baudelaire. What happens when another new girl at school learns about a time traveling radio in the basement of the hotel?
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On Our Last Date

Histoire non vérifiée Adrien Agreste loses his girlfriend in a fire. After a time he receives an letter in a collage he applied for. Taking it he goes back to Paris since spending his "gap year" in London with his aunt. On arriving on his first day of school he's met with an odd incident and blue eyes piercing his own.
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Supernatural: Liberation

Histoire non vérifiée Abigail Scarlett Winchester is Dean's daughter. She has lived a relatively normal life until recently. Things begin to change when she realizes she isn't fully human and there's a prophecy to be fulfilled. Will she become her worst nightmare? Can she stop herself from changing? Find out in this Supernatural story of the newest generation of hunt…
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Histoire non vérifiée A small family experienced a tragic event. Lady __, in an effort to give her son Lukas the best possible life, neglected her own happiness. However, an ordinary evening marked a new beginning for Lady __ when she was called upon to heal a unique warrior. -DRAFT- There may be spelling mistakes in the writing. Please DO NOT copy or adapt the novel
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Teen wolf : nouveaux crocs

Histoire non vérifiée Hugo jimenez déménage avec sa famille du Mexique pour venir s'installer à Beacon Hills suite à un incident qui s'est produit dans la forêt mais malheureusement sa vie va complètement changer.
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Hood Love{Marisol and Oscar}❤️

Histoire non vérifiée Marisol Guzman And Oscar Diaz, their love story, filled with violence, deaths and fighting, As 3 years before La leaves behind Oakland California because of her traumatized and gang life her dad has raised his family in.
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You Smell like love

Histoire non vérifiée TK had always lived as a beta and when he met Carlos he was convinced that theirs would be short-lived, an alpha like the cop would soon find his omega and leave him. But time had passed, his relationship with Carlos had grown strong and they seemed to be the exception that proved the rule. They loved each other, they loved each other, they were a…
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Inclus dans: Top Secret ($3/mois)

Doctor Who and the Phoenix

Histoire non vérifiée This is a Doctor Who fan fiction story first written as an entry in the Big Finish Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip In 2017, a community of fans formed a writing collective called Divergent Wordsmiths. We published an anthology of other stories written for the competition called: Paul Spragg ReCollections. This story is called The Phoenix and fe…
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Sarah and John b after outer banks s3

Histoire non vérifiée John b and Sarah end up together in the end of season 3 but will their lives just be happy from there on. Sarah will give John b some shocking news that will change their lives forever. Will their friends support them in the way. Read to find out.
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Ma vie

Histoire non vérifiée Une fille chassé par son beau père des son anniversaire de 18 ans
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Toby Regbo Character Stories

Histoire non vérifiée Character X Reader
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A Never Ending Story

Histoire non vérifiée A fanfiction that I wrote about the Doctor in his several incarnations. An adventure in time and space.
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Timothy McGee Stories

Histoire non vérifiée Timothy McGee X Reader Stories
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Rat Curse

Histoire non vérifiée After Wei Wuxian is infected by a curse, he and his brother go on an adventure in search of a cure, but... Things go awry.
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Forever Strong Gym: Review and Find Out How to Get A Free Trial of this Fitness Program

Histoire non vérifiée If you're looking for a gym that you can keep coming back to, Forever Strong may be the perfect option for you! This program offers a wide variety of classes that will get your body moving in the right direction. Plus, it's got a great reputation for being one of the toughest gyms in town, which means you're guaranteed to see results. However, bef…
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Histoire de blog

Love between the new girl and the school Principal 's son

Histoire non vérifiée It is a fiction story .I will soon write it's part two but I first want some viewers .So that my all struggle don't go waste.
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