SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar

Une partie de l’univers de The SARTAM Universe In the technological and artificial world of Cinthyatar, the Cinthyans live in relative harmony while the world's leaders kept the planet's true fate from the unsuspecting people: It was dying. Seeking a solution to reverse planetary pollution and prevent a catastrophic event, they employ 2 of Cinthyatar's best inventors: Weapons Tech innovator, S…
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Skyland Falls: Shackled by Shadow - Book 1

Une partie de l’univers de Skyland Falls In a deceivingly picturesque world, where supernatural ruins stand as silent witnesses to The Fall, and isolated survivors carve out a fragile existence, Lily, a sheltered young girl finds herself caught between her overprotective father and her unyielding desire for freedom; but when a rogue piece of Pre-Fall technology entices her into a deadly …
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Cyber Wild West

San Perinado, Texas. 2115
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