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Skyland Falls: Shackled by Shadow - Book 1

Récit promu In a deceivingly picturesque world, where supernatural ruins stand as silent witnesses to The Fall, and isolated survivors carve out a fragile existence, Lily, a sheltered young girl finds herself caught between her overprotective father and her unyielding desire for freedom; but when a rogue piece of Pre-Fall technology entices her into a deadly …
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Une partie de l’univers de Serenity What would you do if you know the truth? What is the real reason our ancestors had to leave the Planet called 'Terra 1'?! This story goes out to this one special Person on the Westside!!! Yeah you!!!
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Ignatius-Valdis, Book 0# [Heaven's Curse]

Une partie de l’univers de Excelian Universe A DEMON WITHIN. AN UNKNOWN ENEMY. A DEADLY THREAT. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is cursed and hated, but will be her home's greatest asset. In the underground country of the Fire Reserve, New Icarus is home to the Excelians superhuman and elemental utilisers. Gothalia had the ill fortune of being born with a high level of unstable élanocytes inherite…
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I Am Back!

This short story was written for the challenge We are the AI. Can a robot have a soul? Can a robot save humanity from being enslaved by the same technology that they have invented? How to escape from the watch of Big Brother once Artificial Intelligence takes control of society and governs? #WeAreTheAI #3 in the Inkspired Challenge We Are the AI
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The Observer

Pax can't remember why, but it's his job to watch two people doing the same stuff every day, and report to management when they don't.
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Fern : The Cure

In a dystopia where there are no forests in the world. Brazilian Silvia Ramos will embark on a journey to achieve what could be the cure for humanity. But the cure for what? *THE FULL STORY JUST AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM*
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The Azure Chronicles

Matt Hansen finds blue-skinned alien woman Azure in his barn and brings her in his home. Once she overcomes her fear of him and his sons, they build a life together in space.
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Cyber Wild West

San Perinado, Texas. 2115
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