Alba and me

When Alba and I met. Our worlds turned upside down. We had to overcome endless obstacles in order to be together.
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Tangled Up in Blue: A College Romance

College is not what I expected. It's better. So much better. And worse. Agonizingly worse. All because I got tangled up in a boy named Blue. He's ignited a fire in me, body and soul. He's not like anyone else I've ever known. I ache every second we're not together. But Blue has a secret. I'm the only person who knows about one terrible momen…
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All The Thing That I (Don´t) Hate About You

Matthew Clark is socially awkward - and he's ok with being invisible. He is a smart student and all he wants is to have good grades to grant his so dreamed scholarship in Havard. But, then Olivia Barrow arrives to his school. And when she focus her attention in Matthew, things will change in his life.
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The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previous …
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