The Missing Part Of You

A poem for a loved one.
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You Talk

A poem for those who talk too much.
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A poem titled "U". (Must read)
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Mountains Voice

Once, I closed my eyes and found myself in the mists of the mountains...
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Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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Wolfie Leon

This poem was made for Leon, a character from the story Fleetward Werewolf, published in Portuguese and English here on the platform. Few have read Leon's story (one of my favorite characters), but even those who haven't, I hope you will be interested in this child-man. (And sorry for the spoiler, but truth be told, Fleetward Werewolf was publishe…
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Histoire non vérifiée Shadow poetry that speak.
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Semiworded Verses

When for the first time I tried to understand things that most people think they understand.
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Mists in Spring

A poem about memories and how I deal with them
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Colors of Death.

Death also has its own colours (must read)
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The same old me!

Histoire non vérifiée After the two hectic years of pandemic, Who do you think changed?
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Tale Of Verse (s)

This is a series of verses. It tells about everything you have seen in life as a poem in a series.
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You'll never know

Just Read it once.
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My heart is in Your hands

Histoire non vérifiée these are the poems God has put in my heart. Hope they speak to you.
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Ode To Life

Histoire non vérifiée This poetry have used different metaphors, symbols, and homonyms to emphasize the author's thoughts and feelings and to represent the author's style and imagination. If you want something to read on that can relate yours, this book is the right for you.
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Fate embrace

Histoire non vérifiée Life time
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Recueil 1 - D’un nouvelle Amour

Histoire non vérifiée Recueil de poésie axée sur l’amour.
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Poetry For The Soul: A book filled with Inspiration by KeilaB

Histoire non vérifiée A collection of inspirational poetry and short stories, based on my life. I just felt the need to share them. I feel my words will greatly encourage someone and will lift their soul.
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Maux et Impression

Ce Book est une compilation de poésie sans rimes mais qui exprime des sentiments diverses.
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Mother nature

Histoire non vérifiée My first poem to be published and am still new to this poem writing business. Hope you enjoy
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Wisdom of the words

Histoire non vérifiée Sometimes from the world, sometimes from the heart, sometimes from circumstances, sometimes from heart break , taking in account all the hopes poetry takes birth.
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la via avec amour

Histoire non vérifiée Dans ce monde, chaque personne a ses propres pensées, mais les pensées de chacun disent définitivement « Kush na Kush », car tout comme l'univers crée la vie, de la même manière un poète donne naissance aux mots et leur donne la forme d'un poème. Et essaie de dire beaucoup de choses dans ce petit poème, en peu de mots la philosophie de ta vie, le …
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Your Beauty

Histoire non vérifiée Heal my love You deserve to be loved Your defects make your perfect And your souls is pure
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When the Hope become the best way to overcome the Bad.

Histoire non vérifiée The Hope makes me strong.
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Histoire non vérifiée "Embark on a poetic odyssey with 'Epic of Resilience,' a celebration of life's triumphs. This empowering composition invites readers to embrace their role as life's lead, weaving resilience, courage, and passion into a vivid tapestry. Each verse echoes a symphony of strength, crafting an anthem of victory in the cosmic journey of life."
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Histoire non vérifiée "FLORAL RHAPSODY" is a romantic poem that celebrates the beauty and vibrant colors of nature's blossoming blooms. It paints a picture of a serene meadow filled with dancing flowers, conveying a sense of love, passion, and serenity. Through its enchanting verses, the poem captures the fragrant essence and poetic elegance of the natural world.
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Among Pawprints and Verses

English Translation of "Entre Huellas y Versos." This book compiles a collection of poems that celebrate the deep connection between the author and her faithful canine companion, Ámbar. Through verses filled with emotions and shared experiences, themes such as loyalty, joy, unconditional love, and the mischievous moments that color everyday life a…
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The home of my memories.

Histoire non vérifiée The live express the feelings to be good.I give you my emotions in this poem.
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