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Creator of Man

The creator of man is betrayed by his own O criador dos homens esta traido por seus proprios
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In the Silence of the Night

I know why you are screaming I taste the pain Yes i feel you
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Histoire non vérifiée Solo la nostalgia de una vida......
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Mango Peels

A short poem about my time spent living in Tegucigalpa as an exchange student.
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Ode to Autumn

An autumn poem, falling from the top to the bottom!
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A short poem about returning from Costa Rica, land of beautiful blue butterflies
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*The Beauty Nights Sleep*

Short poem about a fairytale dream in real-time or fiction
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The Jewel of Mine

A brief declaration of love by the Poetic Persona
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All Hallows' Eve

Histoire non vérifiée Some poetic thoughts on Halloween.
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My Life journey, my story

Histoire non vérifiée Just write about my Life, Quotes, friends, issues, problems. About starting a new season with no reason..
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A Child's Christmas in Wales

A Child's Christmas in Wales is a prose work by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Originally emerging from a piece written for radio, the poem was recorded by Thomas in 1952. The story is an anecdotal retelling of a Christmas from the view of a young child and is a romanticised version of Christmases past, portraying a nostalgic and simpler time. It is…
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The Dying Man

What would it be like to experience death?
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Have you ever wonder why did people act the way they act? Life teaches you that everything happens for a reason, everybody acts with a purpose, explicitly or implicitly, that explains, their behaviors to face the situations.
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The red men

A poem about the communist terrorist groups of the FARC and ELN and my feelings towards them.
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My journey, my story part 2

Histoire non vérifiée Enjoy! :) And check my other storys out!
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My Life thoughts.

I am just writing about what I go through life. Check out my stories!
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Have you seen inside my head?

Entry for The Author's Cup: The Poet Leader challenge. 'Have you seen inside my head?' Is a book about teens and young people who are easily misunderstood. The poems each tell of a struggle teens face in the 21st century from exams and relationships to mental health and generally struggling to express their own emotions.
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For Maria

Histoire non vérifiée so, this one's for Maria... entao, este e pra Maria...
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North world

Histoire non vérifiée he happened to be born in this strangely frozen place... por acaso ele nasceu neste lugar estranhamente congelado...
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Fire girl

Histoire non vérifiée he is entranced by her burning hair... ele esta pegado em transe por seu cabelo ardente...
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Once in a blue moon

Inspiration coming out from a January full moon.
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Lo que escribo para mi

Histoire non vérifiée Creo que esto es poesía.
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Creature Love

Histoire non vérifiée the creature comes from the wild, she has him in a spell... a criatura vem da selva, ela o tem colocado num feitico...
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Histoire non vérifiée a deep fear of illness and the struggle between good and evil in himself... um medo profundo de doenca e o combate entre o bom e o mau dentro de si...
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Histoire non vérifiée He holds onto an escaping love... Ele segura em um amor fugitivo...
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Histoire non vérifiée Amor real
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Chaos paradox

The windows to my soul open inside chaos The chaos distorts the already severe reality, the questions desolate me. Inside of me, the installed chaos distorts me and drain prospects. Child of experience shaped in chaos, the options were survive or collapse.
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Histoire non vérifiée In the darkest corner of my heart I can hear your song I feel a perfect "thing" when I hear you sing
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