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A book of poems that I've wrote based off my feelings and experiences. Even the most saddest memories can be turned into a beautiful poem.
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Mountains Voice

Once, I closed my eyes and found myself in the mists of the mountains...
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You Talk

A poem for those who talk too much.
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Sparks of Consciousness

These are collections of poems written by me especially which touches the spirituality, Philosophy, Nature, Human understanding, Religion, Politics as also humour.
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Secrets of an Introvert

Secrets of an Introvert explores the thoughts of someone who does not find it easy to express their feelings out loud, through poetry. Take a journey through an introvert's mind and maybe you'll understand them a little better, or even sympathise with them if you are also a fellow introvert.
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I decided to translate some of my poems, I hope you like it.
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Watch over me

Living in this new normal is strange. Life is short and gives us so many reasons to chase our dreams. Dreaming big comes with facing the obstacles in our lives. Let's do that together:)
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Poet of the Seasons

A collection of poems for each season of the year
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Wash me to begin

Crazy way I learned to live
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Relationship handicap

Lost in this cycle of turnarounds and detours courtesy of our shitty past… I never asked or agreed to this relationship handicap!
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This poetry book is my first collection of poems in English. Divided in three parts, each part contains between 5 and 30 poems that would be entitled Introduction, Crux (or Heart) and Outcome (or Dénouement) of the book, with a Preface that introduces what the reader will find on it.
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It's a poem about bees
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Dear Billie Holiday and Miss Maya Angelou

Letter Billie Holiday and Miss Maya Angelou
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Seven Seas - a Poetic Homage

A collection of poems all dedicated to the ocean, its inhabitants and the impacts humans have left behind. The front cover photo was taken by David Troeger on Unsplash
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Damaged Poem

It’s just a poem
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The Dream Factory

Like an phoenix i will RISE again , higher and higher... Emerging from my fallen burned ashes i will emerged and claim my throne again. - Soul-Spirit I do not own the copyright of this book. Author of this book is (Soul Spirit)
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Like A Tree

A little song based off of Psalms
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The Love of War

The love of war
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The Wave Of Emotions

The pain of coping with loss. We experienced Hope Grieving over the world losing Faith. And Death calling Time to check on Hope. And Destiny writing a letter to Hope.
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Expressing the heart with poetry is a true beauty of love. There is nothing more beautiful than always praising and mentioning the name of a lover. Although love is synonymous with happiness, sometimes love also brings suffering and very deep brokenhearted. In this book of poetry I express my life experience during my teenage years when I fell in …
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Isn't Plenty

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books A moral poem.
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Finding My Love

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books This is a poem dedicated to singles who have faced love failure.
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No thing is Perfect

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books This verse is about telling that No thing & Nothing is Perfect in the world not only humans, everybody.
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Music Heals

How the music works for our Emotions? Does it really cures our pain? Care about us? Let see... MUSIC HEALS..... What music does heal?
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I am Blessed!

Am I blessed? Would I survive this world? What to do to escape from the negative people? Are there any good friends for me? Am I blessed?? You want answers right! The book you chose is correct!!
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The Drifter

The Drifter is a series of mind perspectives for different situations. From the Read Out Loud and Listen series. (Rolls) Enjoy
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Relationship drama always leaving questions in my mind! why I don't know? And I don't want it anymore!
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