Vampire Victim Support Group

Even vampire victims need support. Hear their stories! Contains violence, sexual acts of varying types, suicide attempts, and debauchery. Cover by Svenja Gosen (
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Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl who…
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His Blind Mate

I wanted to leave. Disappear into the crowds as another nameless face and forget about the pain this pack inflicted. I thought things would be better when my mate found me. Unfortunately, he proved to be like the rest of them. So, I freed myself. By the Goddess’s blessing, I escaped that miserable place. That is, until he found me yet again. And t…
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Phoenix 2125

Histoire non vérifiée Tom finds that his return to his childhood home in the altered state of Arizona was planned by forces beyond his control. He quickly finds himself caught up between a secret battle being fought between the Government, a group of terrorists with fabulous powers, and an ever watching unknown third party.
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One Crooked Year

For nearly a hundred years, Prism has quietly protected Britain from supernatural forces few people come close to understanding. A caseworker’s mission should be simple: identify the spirit, make contact with the spirit, move on the spirit. But now, in a time of unprecedented cuts to the agency’s budget, one caseworker finds an entirely new kind o…
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A boy is experimented on. Gets moved to a new school and lives a life as an abnormal boy with his friends at the new school
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Angel in disguise

A " Demon" Turns the paranormal world rightside up... Through a long and hard journey, she finally ends her world. This is from my own personal theory. This is only for fun, sorry if it doesn't make sense. ( The art on the cover is NOT mine! All credit to my friend Ren !)
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The Silver Seed

A man is at his cubicle, waiting to commit suicide. A mysterious stranger appears to intervene but not for the reason you may think...
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Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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No Nonsense

Histoire non vérifiée A young man's journey across an unknown land
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Broken Wing - GoM 1x1

It's the summer of 2008, and what's more important: it's time Alex Corban and her niece Claire take a well-earned week off in Flathead, Montana, to meet with Alex's old friends from school. Two girls on vacation. A dreamed scenery. Friends. Even hot guys around. And nothing to do but having fun. What can go wrong?
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Lost in Seasons

Choose your own adventure-style story occurring in an alternate dimension
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The Monkey on my back. Spirits or Demonic?

a true story, my childhood in a haunted house was very normal to grow up with ghostly activity all the time that I never felt in harms way. When I turned 13 my father sold the house to move to Mesa Arizona. We were all shocked that my dad sold the house.That's a change that was hard for my mother and I didn't like. 2 friends and I have a UFO exper…
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Eyeless Gaze

Histoire non vérifiée Bobby a mentally ill boy living with his older brother Melvin in the outskirts of nowhere discovers an old creepy video camera in his home and unleashes something ominous.
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There's no science to any of it

A badger salesman joins a hippie commune
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Dream Write

Histoire non vérifiée Chris has a serious case of writer's block . With a deadline approaching drastic times call for drastic measures. He tries an experimental dream reading technology and gets way more than he bargained for.
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Fated: A demon's bride

A demon owns her, another wants to claim her, and an angel refuses to bargain for her freedom. On her 23rd birthday, Dariel is given by her family to a cold red-haired man with haunting emerald eyes as a kind of pagan sacrifice in exchange for fulfilling a torrid desire. She is unaware of Vincent's identity, a fallen angel who attracts troubles …
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Legion of Heroes

Histoire non vérifiée Jethro Paxtron, to the outside world is an ordinary librarian, with an little taste of unusual clothes, when in reality Jethro is the leader of an small band of heroes, fighting to keep Los Angeles safe from monsters. Each of his hero has their own unique ability in which they use it against the evil forces of darkness, and along the way they hel…
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This is the house

This is the house of a thousand rooms; a thousand doors and a thousand locks through which I look searching for the clock.
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The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw" is a supernatural short story by author W. W. Jacobs first published in England in 1902. In the story, three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey's paw, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.
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Affair with the Alpha King

Twenty-five-year-old Adhira Chawla is happy with her life as Beta to the Alpha King, Liam. Living with her family and friends, Adhira's world is thrown upside down when Liam's wife, Casey is put in a coma. Liam enlists Adhira to help him find the person responsible, but Adhira doesn't expect to fall in love with Liam, or that her feelings would be…
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Brokshire Manor

This is a short story: The year is 1920, Eleanor moves into an English home with her daughter Elizabeth. After only a few days Eleanor begins to believe the home is haunted. Though Eleanor’s stay at the countryside manor is strange will she stay or will she run? After learning that the previous owner had disappeared after strange events began occu…
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Mind Inside Mine 2

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Hands of Fate (Series)

Gabriel and Nicolaos met several years ago, when Gabe was too young to understand what he was feeling, or the strange bond that was growing between them. The hot nights in Greece were wonderful while it lasted, but events and Nico's brother Demosthenes transpired against them. Now it is several years later and the two star-crossed lovers have cros…
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Vampyre: In Cold Blood

Despite ceasing to be, she's never felt more alive. A freshly turned vampyre must traverse a dark and dangerous world where everyone is out for themselves. There's rumours of a slasher roaming the urban streets, a mad vampyre who can see through time, and a grand conspiracy involving the highest players within the Inner Circle. Good luck.
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Abused, Rejected, and Loved

Histoire non vérifiée Natalie Moore has always been shy, too afraid to speak up. However, that is not her fault. Ever since she remember she has been abused. Whether that abuse came in the form of verbal, mental, or physical. All Natalie wants is to be able to find her fated mate, and finally be happy. Little does she know, her fated mate is in her pack, and he wants n…
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After the death of someone important in his life, all Alexander could think about was revenge. But how can one go against the most powerful alpha that ever walked earth?
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The Drive

A man, haunted by his past, drives his daughter home from Johannesburg to George for the holidays. Their trip becomes more strange as they travel between Willowmore and Uniondale, South Africa's most haunted stretch of road.
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