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The Flower in the corner

Follow the life story of Lee and Yi, one is an inmate in Hoeryong Concentration Camp Number 22 in North Korea and the other one is a former Guard and their brave and saddening story of how they escaped North Korea and survived. This story tells the horrible conditions of North Korean Concentration Camps and the crimes against humanity that are c…
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Stalking Ghosts

Ghosts that have possibly stalked me from my old place of residence. A true story meant for contemplation.
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The things that really matter

It is a little story about a experience in love
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Taming the Bicycle. By Mark Twain

Written about 1893; not before published
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Concerning Tobacco. By Mark Twain

Written about 1893; not before published
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How to Make History Dates Stick. By Mark Twain

These chapters are for children
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Biographia Literaria. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Biographia literaria of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Histoire non vérifiée A solitary kid has mental issues. His parents doesn't understand him and it explodes in their faces
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Letters of a Lost Soul

Histoire non vérifiée What’s going on inside my head?
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Tell Everyone I'm Gone

Histoire non vérifiée One second: enough to lose ground, look sideways and no longer recognize where you are. Enough to get lost. He is unpredictable and expects you to let your guard down to snuggle on your shoulder and remain a scheduled visit. It can wait hours, days, weeks to pop up and pounce, and when it comes, so caught off guard, it's hard to dodge. It's a snak…
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Domain name: what is whois?

Histoire non vérifiée If you need to get more about domain names and how to find who owns a domain, read this article:)
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Histoire non vérifiée A brief chapter of my life that tells what could have been and never was.
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My first story!

Histoire non vérifiée This is my first blog in which I announce the coming of my new book! Please feel free to give me ideas for the next ones. Hope you enjoy it XOXO
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Histoire non vérifiée If you like comedy, dark humor, and are a hypocrite racist bastard like most conservative people in the USA(not all), then you can come here and enjoy a Mexican's racist and hateful point of view in a comedy blog format. DISCLAIMER: Nothing here mentioned is said or written with the intention of offending and is pure comedy and humor. We, and I m…
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Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel: Angel .V. Woodland Before The Fame

Histoire non vérifiée The Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel: The Making of Angel .V. Woodland is a story of a young girl growing up in the Middle East going through physical, and mental abuse while trying to maintain her sanity, survive, and take care of her little brother all while fighting wars in her country, and in her home. At once humorous, and disturbing, The Memo…
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Histoire non vérifiée Random important information and thoughts. Easy to read, just hard to follow. But as anything, impossible! Go ahead!!
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Histoire non vérifiée My entiry life, 6 years of depression.
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Going back to the origins

Histoire non vérifiée Going back to the origins, where everything is health, a healthy lifestyle, a review of the Mediterranean culture, where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest
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Life Experiences

Histoire non vérifiée My self-discovery and psychoanalysis path since 2016
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Conquering South East Asia

Histoire non vérifiée 7 Countries - 19 Destinations - 56 Days. This is my story about traveling in Asia, untapping incredible places, visiting ancient temples, discovering native culture, magnificent beaches, local food and many more!
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