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Forbidden Happiness: True Love Nearly Missed

Part of the Universe of Romantical Tyrst Gaia Histoire non vérifiée An unexpected romance kindles between two women who never thought that their close friendship was anything more than platonic. But when one suffers from a broken heart and leans on her friend for comfort they soon realize their close friendship is laced with a ferocious love. The sparks ignite and the embers of chemistry they had smothered for the…
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Jana & Angel A Girl For Her Series: Volume 1

Histoire non vérifiée Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Let's call her Jana, and she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but feels like forever even when we talk every day. It's not like we haven't planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to…
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Kill me twice/ shame on you

Histoire non vérifiée Fiction
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Oxygen Slaves

Planet Earth B-187, a hostile surface to inhabit. Over the years, the deterioration of the ozone shield has caused disastrous changes: plants do not flourish, water dries up, animals die because they do not have the resources available to sustain their survival. Air? A luxury not everyone can afford. To survive during the day in that infernal heat…
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Ropes and Lace

Histoire non vérifiée Ashton Walker is a professional photographer. Introverted and somewhat awkward in his social interactions, his idea of the perfect job is natural landscapes or pleasant events where his presence goes unnoticed by others. Currently unemployed and with pending debts, he sighs in relief when he discovers an email for a new opportunity, but... the las…
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My friend Derrick

Histoire non vérifiée Tyler Miller grows a fascination to Derrick foster ,they develop a friendship that’s tested in the end can the two forgive the other for a betrayal that ruined something great?.
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Book II: The Essence of Your Heart

Second Book of the Saga: Between Sports and Love. Cameron Graves is a basketball player at the prestigious University of Michigan. Tall, proportionate, and skilled, he can't help but wish to be just another ordinary guy, to go unnoticed in the crowd, and just enjoy his youth. Try as he might, though, he stands out on his team as the most coveted…
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Trans Adventure

Histoire non vérifiée This is like a short story or mini adventure of how I discovered myself,Just for entertainment and fun,ofc it's not the whole version since that would take million of chapters, but oh well
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Kishi's Love life~

Histoire non vérifiée She has problems with Her social appearance Until one day she meets a girl who will change her life forever. She struggles with her new gift and has to journey places to help control it.
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I Am Me: A Non-Binary Story

Histoire non vérifiée A non binary girl who is never noticed gets the chance by the most popular girl to be someone she always dreamed of being.
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Lust Triangle

Histoire non vérifiée Two bisexual girls are in love with each other, but there's a boy involved. they both lust after him. Will they go after this boy or just continue their relationship as just the two of them
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Things about me

Histoire non vérifiée This involves information about me,and how my life is now i may mention my past a little bit though
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One word

Histoire non vérifiée Kyimoi lives in a Christian family. And doesn't support LGBTQ+ But everything will change her life in high school. Something shed never expect. Something... That is beyond her romance.
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Love This Journey For Me

Histoire non vérifiée Life was sweet and easy once I moved back home from my emotionally draining, poorly planned & short lived time living in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Things were looking pretty Gucci - an above average relationship with mum, always in touch with my sisters, the best group of friends I could ever have asked for, a job and workmates I lo…
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Gay is Okay

Histoire non vérifiée Thomas loves three things: Family Writing Jamie
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Histoire non vérifiée Fate had given me a deadly test in exchange for taking away the innocent child who still lived in me. I struggled to forget the terrible events that led me to rebel against the harsh reality of being an adult. But by the time I realized it was too late. That warm and tender heart had hardened to be hard as a stone.
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Free Me

"That's what a kiss should feel like. It's supposed to knock you off your feet and leave you speechless, that's how you know it meant something, and you felt something real. The stomach flutters and sweating palms and shuddering, those are all the feelings you should get when you're attracted to someone, and that wasn't even crazy hot or freaky." …
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Winter Is Missing • English Translation

Histoire non vérifiée {❄In Progress / Re-writing❄} Summer never thought he would meet Winter, much less that he would fall in love with him... The Four Seasons of the year came to Earth from the Universe. Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer, with their human bodies, were born separate in their respective Empires and Kingdoms. At the request of a mysterious figure and a…
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Crimson Strands

Histoire non vérifiée Lexi is a vampire, one of the last of her kind. She decides to go live in a small town for a while, and what she finds shocks her very nature...
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Got That Chopper

Histoire non vérifiée pinterest poems 🚧🎥
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You Got Served

Histoire non vérifiée pinterest poems 😁✍️
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War Come With Me Now

Histoire non vérifiée pinterest poems 💔
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Dead Inside

Histoire non vérifiée pinterest poems 🧐💤
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Investigation Love

Histoire non vérifiée Tamara wanted to take part in the auditions more than anything. When she had not, fate had still a better chance to get her with Fiona. Tamara saves Fiona's life and after then it looks like she took her life. As Fiona is 'smitten' by her, is Tamara going to be able to resist?
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Love As Silly As This

Histoire non vérifiée Quinn leads a pleasant, albeit solitary, life. She drives the same route to work every day, greets the same familiar faces every day, and then goes home exhausted every day, just to do it all again tomorrow. But don’t get the wrong idea; she’s happy and getting by. She just wants something more. She wants love. But finding love is no easy feat. …
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Histoire non vérifiée Falling in love is not a choice, Living with love is.
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Of Darkness and Wolves

Arianna always felt weird, as if she never fitted with normal people. Thankfully for her, Alexandra, her Romanian work colleague, is there to be her company and comfort. During a trip to Romania in order to visit Alexandra's relatives, both ladies end up having quite an unexpected adventure in the middle of the country and Arianna discovers someth…
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Histoire non vérifiée Ava is relocated to manning town where being a lesbian is treated as treason. You either suffer the consequences of being born the way you are. In her new school, she falls for kara manning the major's daughter who kept her sexuality a secret till she couldn't resist Ava's charms. This lgbt story will tend to reason. Hope to even it. LET YOU L…
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