Genesis 1.1 Unlocked A Jewish Perspective.

A deep & in depth look at the esoteric & Kabbalistic meaning behind the the first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1.1. This book will delve into understanding the intricacies of the original language & ancient intentions. This is an esoteric biblical commentary to help unlock the 1st verse of the Bible in a way never experienced from outside the Cha…
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Une partie de l’univers de The Universe of History Histoire non vérifiée It's Medusa
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Julius Ceaser

Une partie de l’univers de The Universe of History Histoire non vérifiée The Great Roman
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Alliance Of Kingdoms — World

Histoire non vérifiée In the middle of the 17th century there was a vast region, a continent known as Hugeland, where powerful and unshakable kingdoms were hegemony in conquests and domination of territories. In territorial volume and socioeconomic influence was the most important of both, the kingdom of mountains ruled by the wise and dreaded King Michael Lewis IV, wh…
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The vomited crown prince

Lu Bao had a promising future. He was the Crown Prince of the Great Empire of China and was thus destined to succeed to the throne his father, Emperor Wu Ma. However, the sixteen-year-old Crown Heir had bad habits that despised the Emperor and the other members of the imperial family, causing shame upon them. Ultimately he was expelled from the …
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U.S. Military Fighter Planes

Une partie de l’univers de The Universe of History Histoire non vérifiée History of the American fighter jets
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Why Do We Celebrate Ramadan & Eid?

Ramadan & Eid explained
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Histoire non vérifiée Mon nom est Aya, le 28 juillet 1988, mon village a été attaqué. Dans ce bain de sang, j'ai perdu ma mère. J'ai été vendu comme esclave et... cet homme m'a acheté. Il était froid, cruel, méprisant, sadique et inhumain Me soumettre à lui, était tout ce qu'il désirait. tortures, coups de fouet, tentatives de viol et humiliations ont été mon quot…
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Ouâenrêmib, la guerre secrète de Horemheb

Histoire non vérifiée Quand Horemheb se dispose à effacer de l´Histoire le nom et le règne de Ouaenrê, plus connu comme Akhenaton, le vrai Pharaon, Ouâenrêmib, jure le venger: la vérité sortira au jour.
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Histoire non vérifiée (beta) some content is subject to change.
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Help, My Family is Not Normal

Histoire non vérifiée About a daughter of a wealthy family finally figures out why her family is so weird. She finds out a dirty secret that her family has been hiding from her..
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Alternate History Adventures

Histoire non vérifiée What if Lincoln survived his assassin? For example. Have stories with Original characters and Historical characters from the real world as well. Both timelines and Stories are encouraged. Prepare to make alternate history come true with a story!
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soap wiff love

Histoire non vérifiée Established 2020. We started this line of skincare products, with raw & fresh ingredients, infused with organic essential and CBD oils. All of our products are chemical and cruelty free. We do our best to provide recycled goods. Please feel free to inquire about each product and the benefits of using it.
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Voyage au fond de l´âme de Sade

Histoire non vérifiée Le marquis de Sade raconte à Charles Quesnet (personnage réel, fils de sa chère Constance) les vrais motifs et raisons de sa conduite, de ses écrits et de ses emprisonnements.
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My experience working at home

Histoire non vérifiée In this story you will read about my experience working at home!
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TITANIC: A Night Never Forgotten

Histoire non vérifiée A short overview of the sinking of Titanic
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Histoire non vérifiée Le première arc de hirô est disponible ! Hirô un jeune garçon âgé de 17 ans fait la rencontre d'une fille du même âge qui bouleverse sa vie. L'objectif de nôtre héro et de créer une forme de justice en rependant sont surnom dans le monde entier !
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Vocation journey

Histoire non vérifiée Formation
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Histoire non vérifiée a story of the youtuber OverSimplified
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Hunefer - From Slavery to Richness

Histoire non vérifiée The story of an Egyptian Slave who would become free and rich.
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Military history of India since independence

Histoire non vérifiée Military history of India since independence
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Histoire non vérifiée Power and revenge
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Le Papillon Maudit

Histoire non vérifiée La fille qui va découvrir les disparitions mystérieuse des habitants
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Histoire non vérifiée Follow Tim Curran as he tracks down a gang of the meanest outlaws in the county the wild ones
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Queen Alexandra Victoria

Story based on Queen Victoria's life Queen of United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland's life
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damn coronavirus

Histoire non vérifiée I will tell you how I lived the covid and how I am living it
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