The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns of the Plan created by the Founder, or will they be able to rewrite their own destinies? When they find Klaudia, they believe the balance has tilted in …
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Frays in the Weave

Great tales need to be told, but those that shape the world must be added to the Weave. With the awakening of a god two taleweavers sharing two worlds meet and shape a new future for both. As they add new strands to the Weave in a way no taleweaver has ever done before ripples run through reality and the Weave begins to unravel. Soon there a…
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The blood Empress

The ancient gods blessed the world of Altion, with lineages, that guide the world to prosperous ages of gold. But as time pass by and war after war and calamity after calamity devour the world. They slowly disappear into oblivion, until there is only one left. The last of the lineage of the gods, rest on the shoulders of a young girl. She would ne…
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A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two: she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back–or at least that’s how she remembers it. Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker. When a simple coding job turns out to be more than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in more ways t…
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The Red Book of Magic

In Vanjer, a Land devastated by conflicts between Kingdoms, Empires, Countries and Houses, the Wizards takes on a war against the armies of the Dark Lord Ihrir. Arcanis, a young wizard, talented but avenger, decides to join the war, on a quest to find out the truth about his past and present; in the way, he will begin to discover terrible revelati…
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Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
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The Plan

The Plan begins with a post-grad student discovering the 16th Century diary belonging to the Queen of the Kingdom, and how the discoverer and her roommate dissect it during one wine-soaked weekend. The narrative details our hero’s thoughts, and includes relative accurate descriptions of the local geography, history of that time, the weapons emplo…
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Loop of Dreams

Histoire non vérifiée Marin is a normal girl, at least, she hopes.One night something strange happens and she is stuck in a loop of dreams. Taylor lives in constant fear of his dad after his sister died because of the loop of dreams.He finds his Ilum partner, and has to save her from the same thing that killed his sister. The only problem is, she is halfway across the…
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Una joven ama al Diablo desde niña,mientras Él está necesitado de amor,ella busca como comunicarse con Satán y decirle que lo Ama,pero en su cumpleaños 18 pide un deseo y se le concede el ansiado deseo Conocer a Lucifer para amarlo eternamente
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Under the Darkest Moon

Evie is in captive of the Evil Enchantress, the woman who cursed sleeping beauty . Somwere else in the world Cinderella's daughter,Snow, is born deformed and sent off to be killed by Evie herself. Evie is determend to keep Snow safe from the huntsman and the other things that may lurk in the forest. When Snow proves herself more magical then ever,…
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Dead to the World 1 - Sacrifice

In a world inhabited by monsters, demons and humans, it is all one can do to stay alive or die trying. Kane is one of the strong, the survivors. Left by his parents when he was a little boy, to fend for himself and survive by any means necessary, he only finds out that his fate is to be even more cruel to him than it already was.
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"A contract thief with a supernatural gift discovers that the items he has been stealing share a mysterious connection." *** Arun is more than a common thief. He is able to teleport from one place to another, albeit in an inconvenient manner... And for some reason he always ends up naked upon arrival. He soon discovers that his new found ability …
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The Lady Thief

A clueless prince marries a foreign princess who possesses magic that had long been banished from the kingdom. With her, she brings a new hope to the dying land as many seasons of fruitless crops brings whispers of rebellion. But the princess never expected her new home to be so different from the one she once knew. Upon her arrival at the palac…
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The tale of a sorceress and her fight against the holy church's inquisition of the twenty first century. - New translations every monday.
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She is not a human

Histoire non vérifiée Nate was really excited about this journey. He thought it would be the best journey of his life...
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The Witch from Hell's Kitchen by Robert E. Howard

He sought the answer to a witch's curse among the very fiends of Hell! First, a dancing girl tried to stab him. Then, a snake sprang at him out of thin air. Finally, a phantom woman appeared in the darkness of his sleeping chamber - wicked, lustful, and seeking his death! It was then that Pyrrhas, the barbarian, knew that a curse was on him - a cu…
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Splinter Soul: The Stolen Skin

A comatose teenaged boy is found under a bridge with strange, disturbing wounds. Overcaptain Tennison must find out why someone would cause such injuries and stop them, before it happens again.
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Sovereign's Wake

A kingdom crumbles without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he must to save his son and his homeland in the absence of kings.
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Histoire non vérifiée If you tell me what you saw, there's a few things you should start with.
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Histoire audiovisuelle

The Dragon Tamers by Edith Nesbit

There was once an old, old castle - it was so old that its walls and towers and turrets and gateways and arches had crumbled to ruins, and of all its old splendour there were only two little rooms left; and it was here that John the blacksmith had set up his forge. He was too poor to live in a proper house, and no one asked any rent for the rooms …
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The Gifts of Asti by Andre Alice Norton

Varta, the last priestess of Asti, lives alone with Lur, a telepath of the lizardfolk, in Asti's isolated mountain retreat. Decadent Memphir has long since drifted away from the austere paths of Asti, and now the barbarians of Klem are sacking the city, and the smoke of its burning drifts up to the temple.
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Dave's traveler

Histoire non vérifiée A Traveler name is Dave Seville been discover on the Small World and Giant World.
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Angelic Battles

Histoire non vérifiée They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from?
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The future-earth

Histoire non vérifiée A funny short story
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The Women of the Wood by Abraham Merritt

The Women of the Wood by Abraham Merritt
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Aquamarine Sapphire Online

Histoire non vérifiée Aquamarine Sapphire Online is an fanfiction that takes place in the misadventures of Jianguo, Emily, Nate, Yuko, Hyun-a, Evan and Phuong into an MMORPG game, entitled Aquamarine Sapphire. This fanfiction is intended for my MMORPG, and a perfect choice if you're new to the game.
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Possessive Love Song - Season 1

Histoire non vérifiée Long ago, in another world dimension, a huge calamity befell its inhabitant, causing terror and destruction to everywhere it touch. It was led by a Wizard with a hunger for powers, with his army of undeads and vile beasts. When all hope was lost, a Witch appeared with a prophecy about the coming of four beings who are gifted with the power to figh…
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Histoire non vérifiée Una niña hija de Reyes es criada por extraños tras la muerte de sus padres,visita un castillo con sus hermanos y una voz le dice sacame de aquí,cuando lo hace descubre que es la NIETA DEL VAMPIRO MÁS PODEROSO EL REY DRACULA,Y VA DESCUBRIENDO COSAS INCREIBLES DE ELLA
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