After You

The first "Transmutation" story. Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequen…
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The demon-angel hybrid

Histoire non vérifiée Jace Wayland is the result of an affair between a shadow warrior and a demon. The demon took off after learning of the pregnancy and as Jace grew up he only showed signs of warrior and not demon. Everything is fine and easy going until he turns eighteen and his father shows up around the same time his demonic side is awakening. Jace and his parent…
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The story of kila the pero

Histoire non vérifiée This is a story of a young pero who was abandoned by her flock and has to find a way to survive. As she gets old and the moths go by she will learn on how to survive.
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Histoire non vérifiée Kwrator's childhood was somewhat disturbing... but he continues with his lifelong project, he broke his bones to reach the abyss and help the Temple, but only in the last few days he learned something that changed all his damn plans...all his life changes...all people life...changes because of him.
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Het: The Fae Wytch Prince

Formerly speakautumnroads account. New draft... Blending in has never been easy for Het. With completely black eyes and nails, miniature fangs, and a forked tongue, he's often felt like a freak. But It's his imaginary friend, Chance, who really seals the deal. With blossoming supernatural powers that seem to come from this faceless haunt, Het be…
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I still love you

Histoire non vérifiée This a story about a girl named jessica whose heart was broken.
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The Darkness War

Histoire non vérifiée Hey guys! UwU so this is about a wolf named Darkness/Galaxy and she joins the army but things take a turn of events.Also I’m guessing a few of you are wondering about these characters and if they are furries and yes they technically are since they can walk and think and talk,also I am a furry and all these characters and inspired from when I rp wi…
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Histoire non vérifiée Dave Dalin was living his life until one day while he was on his way to school, he was pushed from a bridge and was hit by a car. Moments after he was hit, he found himself in a new world. In which he is being called as "Demon Lord".
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Siren Food:Origin stories

Histoire non vérifiée The origins of the “Siren Food” characters. Magic and sadness awaits for these souls.
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Lucifer the annoying human:origin stories

Histoire non vérifiée The origins of the Lucifer characters,all laid out to be seen. What will the stories tell? What will they bring? That depends on the person..
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Stella and Amanda’s adventures:origin stories

Histoire non vérifiée The origins of important characters from the Stella and Amanda stories. What will each story tell? What does the character have to say?
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The beautiful (but questionable) demon doctor

Histoire non vérifiée Marcia Blythe was just looking for a place to cure her fever. She didn’t expect to meet a strange pale demon posing as a doctor.. …and she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him,either.
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The Laurence family’s story

Histoire non vérifiée Seven year old Asher Laurence has a wonderful family who always cares about him! Or does he?
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Isle of Cordeila

Histoire non vérifiée Hestia and Dracon are the elven parents of Tueur and Moon.Tueur,the perfect Prince and Moon the perfect Princess. Or not.Tueur takes a liking to boys and Moon abhors the royal lifestyle. So it’s off to “Cordeila’s school for bad children” for them! They’re going to worry about so much more than passing school..
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Elizabeth and Lilliana’s adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Elizabeth and Lilliana are just two teens in the Wild West,living life to the fullest. When a vampire crosses into their lives,they’ll realize that they might not have time to do what they want.They’ll be too busy trying to save the world..
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Angelic Demon:Part Two

Histoire non vérifiée Celestria and Draven are stuck on Earth as humans! But when long-dead lovers are animated back to life,it’s up to them to help the lovers get back to the grave. And their own love is at stake..
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Tale of Tales

Tale of Tales is a high fantasy based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales; a dark epic fantasy of sword and sorcery, invoking many old Eastern European folklore mythical creatures (vampires and werevolves, witches and demigods, but also three kin of dragons and more mystical beings like ala, dusk imps, or demon wolves…
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ProDentim Reviews (#1 Formula) On The Marketplace For Managing Teeth And Gum Health!

Histoire non vérifiée ProDentim products can help customers achieve the white, healthy teeth they desire.
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The redeem emperor

Histoire non vérifiée This is about a king whose child killed him
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Siren Food

Histoire non vérifiée Lorelei Winston is just a regular teen living in Moon’s Beach,a town that is said to hold a siren named Israfel who is hungry for teen girls. What if Israfel were real? And what if Israfel and Lorelei fell in love?
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A Modern Fairytale

This is a collection of interrelated shorts, centered around Valerie, a princess who ditched her throne after her throne ditched her. A toast to friendship.
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Pro Max Keto Gummies (Scam Alert) –Reviews, Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Where to Buy?

Histoire non vérifiée Pro Max Keto Gummies are presently readily available on the main website only. The producer offers a FREE test bottle of the gummies if you provide your information on the type offered on the internet site.
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ProMax Keto Gummies [Reviews] | How to Use ProMax Keto Gummies? | ProMax Keto Gummies - Is It Scam Or Legitimate?

Histoire non vérifiée ProMax Keto Gummies are the weight loss formula that works naturally to shed unwanted weight. The prime focus of the oral gummies is to activate the process of ketosis and bring the body to the state of ketosis.
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Eid Gifts

Histoire non vérifiée There are a lot of options when it comes to gifts for Muslims, and this includes everything from traditional items like ulsters and hijabs to more contemporary items like Islamic perfume and Islamic Jewellery. If you're not sure what to get someone, or if you just don't know where to start, we've put together a list of some of our favorite items f…
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Myco Nootropic Brain Gummies (#1 Formula) On The Marketplace For Managing Healthy Brain Energy Levels!

Histoire non vérifiée This supplement contains a lot of organic ingredients. Many doctors recommend this product to patients with trouble remembering.
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The Star-Crossed Lovers

 In the beautiful and small village of France namely "pellion" Was small peaceful home town of the cottagecore girl "Cecilia Aubert " Just some girl who was in the await of her prince on the white horse. As in destiny twisted and make her fall in love with the other town boy" Pierre Dubois " , the only son of the family and a great hunter. He was …
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Fractured soul

My name is Kurly Kassandra Krystalis. This name was my bane my entire life, nothing like the usual island names. It was foreign, strange, the name my father gave me- us. Beyond that, I had died many times. So many times that my soul became fractured, in extent, somehow, all my fractured souls ended up in one body separated by a domain. Each soul f…
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