Los 12 Imperios

Histoire non vérifiée Es la historia de un niño que al momento de nacer su madre muere por complicaciones en el parto, y se va a vivir con sus abuelos paternos por qué el padre se convierte en alcohólico pasan 10 años y Marcus el niño regresa a vivir con su padre pero por muy poco tiempo ya que meses después Marcus presencia el asecinato de su padre, y en lecho de muer…
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Mitriaria is a fantasy story that narrates the diverting adventures of a young peasant, tired of living in misery, who decides to embark on a trip towards the unknown. Far from his homeland, he meets his allies, with whom must share a long epic journey to the north. He will have to face various problematic situations so as to find viable solutions…
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A Thousand Words

Histoire non vérifiée What would you do if someone tried to consume your soul? Lisa's answer was to run. As fast as she could. Away from everything she ever knew. Away from her family so they would be protected. But she won't just stay still and let them destroy everything. She will fight back. And she will win. Even if she has to kill every last one.
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Possessive Love Song - Season 1

Histoire non vérifiée Long ago, in another world dimension, a huge calamity befell its inhabitant, causing terror and destruction to everywhere it touch. It was led by a Wizard with a hunger for powers, with his army of undeads and vile beasts. When all hope was lost, a Witch appeared with a prophecy about the coming of four beings who are gifted with the power to figh…
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1. Deathly Prince.

Histoire non vérifiée Daryana Markova used to hear these stories about the myths of her kingdom: faes, dragons, supremes, and more creatures that seemed to be taken from fairy tales. But one day, Darya meets someone who will completely change her perception of the world, including her perception of herself, since Daryana is not human as she seems. Daryana is the key to…
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IMAGITOPIA: The new and edited version

A journey to another world. With Sophia the mc and Alex her friend. Can Sophia save Imagitopia from the danger which has came? Will Sophia and Alex complete there magical adventure? Will Sophia know the truth behind her life? Join Sophia and Alex on there journey to Imagitopia the world of Imagination, love and friends.
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Forged for What?

Histoire non vérifiée If I am just material, when my body cease his function my existence will end. But If I happened to have a spirit and the fuel of my life is a soul and not just magic... What should I do? Where would I go after this? (This is but an idea for a character for DnD, not a long fantasy story)
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The future-earth

Histoire non vérifiée A funny short story
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Histoire non vérifiée «A King is incomplete without his Queen » He was an abomination He was not suppose to be given birth to He was a forbidden quabrid He was the perfect definition for merciless Cruel Ruthless Beast Monster Cold worst Nightmare He was a wolf with fangs, horns and magic. Who was he? He was the king of all supernatural After 1000yea…
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Uncontrollable Fondness

«They are from two different worlds but love makes them the same» She was immortal. He was mortal. She came from the ocean. He came from the land. She wanted to escape an unfortunate event. He wanted to escape an unfortunate fate. They were running. They were different. They were hunted by their past. What happened when both …
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Master of Dragons

Woman are owned by men; woman are to be sold from their families at the ripe age of marriage, and expected to birth children for their husbands. Dare a woman act out of her place, she would be punished. However she was raised different, hardy farm work and swordsmanship was her calling. That is... untill her father fell ill and a mysterious egg c…
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Colossal Boy

Histoire non vérifiée A CGI animated remake Colossal boy Dave Seville meets A CGI animated remake African American mental retardation tween girl moved here from her universe parallel hometown of Mobile, Alabama. He and she become friends.
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The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns of the Plan created by the Founder, or will they be able to rewrite their own destinies? When they find Klaudia, they believe the balance has tilted in …
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Inseparably Forgotten

Aodhan is the only person in his village who has crossed the Lichway into the woods belonging to the Sidhe and come back alive and sane. It had happened when he was too young to know any better, and after a while, he and everyone else in the village forgot about it. But They didn't forget Aodhan. And They, or, more specifically, he, didn't want A…
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The Secret of the Garden

Victor is a problem solver. He's always been clear-headed and logical. Even when he was still human - in 1930 - he was able to float the Great Depression without worry. There's only ever been one problem Victor couldn't solve: Warren Roche, the man that buried him alive ninety years ago. Victor's only solution is to run, and keep running, until th…
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The Heiress

Ashley is a very difficult girl to deal with, but it doesn't hurt to try, right? Her life wasn't one of the previous ones, nor the best, but Jason, a protective brother she could always count on, she could forget how shitty her life was, while everyone behaved like a bed of roses. Sometimes, as people judge someone for being well in life, they thi…
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The blood Empress

The ancient gods blessed the world of Altion, with lineages, that guide the world to prosperous ages of gold. But as time pass by and war after war and calamity after calamity devour the world. They slowly disappear into oblivion, until there is only one left. The last of the lineage of the gods, rest on the shoulders of a young girl. She would ne…
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Warriors of Kagolania

In the cruel, full of anarchy and chaos world, power is held by those who possess knowledge. The only way to achieve it is to join one of two organizations that jealously guard their secrets.                  Kalena, a former slave, unexpectedly gets the chance to become a member of one of them - the Scribes' Association, which under the guise of …
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The broken sword

You don't know me" her sword was on his neck while she was panting. "But I love you" he replied "You'll regret it, don't do it, I am here to take your heart, flesh and blood" "How naive of you, you already have taken all of me and as of blood here you go" he took her sword and swooned over his hand with liquid dripping from his hand. Princess zar…
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The Jackal and the Dragon

Welcome to Ascarion, an unusual kingdom settled on a misterious island the home of magic and strange creatures never before seen anywhere else. It is here were the weathered adventurer Ariahandra Dragonclaw arrives accompanied by Morphon Grassblade, a young gnome aiming for knighthood. Ascarion is in times of turmoil, as a part of the king's counc…
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Stolen souls of those with fangs

Histoire non vérifiée He just wanted to be a park ranger. He did not believe in legends. His mentor, a werewolf. His prey, a shaman. He's a park ranger but as it turns out, he's something else as well.
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Unleash EN

Histoire non vérifiée In a world where humans are nothing more than servants, a 17 years old boy finds out the horrible intentions his master had over his little sister. After revealing it to his mother they try to find out a way to escape this fate and keep their family together, relying on an unexpected help. ----- This story, as the well as the world pictures and …
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Dave's Adventure

Histoire non vérifiée The chipmunks' adopted human single father Dave Seville uses Simon's miniaturization ray to turn himself into six inches ft tall to reunite his live-action African American woman novelist married his live-action husband Dean Cain thought she still had his childhood imaginary boyfriend.
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Dave's traveler

Histoire non vérifiée A Traveler name is Dave Seville been discover on the Small World and Giant World.
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The tale of a sorceress and her fight against the holy church's inquisition of the twenty first century. - New translations every monday.
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The Lady Thief

A clueless prince marries a foreign princess who possesses magic that had long been banished from the kingdom. With her, she brings a new hope to the dying land as many seasons of fruitless crops brings whispers of rebellion. But the princess never expected her new home to be so different from the one she once knew. Upon her arrival at the palac…
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Fairy Fire: Book 1 Come Winter's End

There has long been peace in the world of Miri Brightday. That lull of tranquillity, however, is about to end. Sages from every nation have declared that the ancient one is returning. The Lord of Darkness "Mal Sombre" will soon be released, free to continue in his quest for ultimate power. The world needs the Fairy Fire's Keeper now more than ever…
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Histoire non vérifiée Uma história inspirada por mangas Seinen como Berserk,Vinland Saga,Vagabond,uma história sobre ódio, vingança, depressão, suicídio, amizade,família...
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