Ópalos de fuego: El espato de islandia

Récit promu Los elfos oscuros planean desatar al terrible monstruo conocido como Serpiente boreal, y los humanos tienen el mismo plan para acabar con sus enemigos. Ambos bandos necesitan de dos ópalos de fuego para liberar al terror. Nadir, aquel que cubre el cielo, se ve envuelto en la búsqueda de los dos artefactos con la finalidad de destruirlos.
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Special report anthology: Pandemic

Not only the real world is in a health crisis, the literary world is also facing this pandemic. Discover news story by story, everything that happens in each of the known worlds in literature. From Hogwarts, through the Shire and even to Wonderland, no one is safe and our special reporter A. R. Grimán will keep you informed of everything that happ…
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(EVERY SUNDAY ONE CHAPTER) A story of two great clans which saw themselves as enemies and had a cold war. Who will win?
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The Horned Child of Reaver and Baroness

The master crafted two legendary swords. Reaver and Baroness. What happened to them is history. Scarlet Dreamer only wanted to become an adventurer, like her grandfather before her, but she never had the courage to pursue that dream until fate opened the door and forced her into the unknown. Fueled by revenge and a sense of duty, her only goal now…
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Starry Eyes: Blood Moon

Twenty years after the events of 'My Eyes Are Stars', Oscar finds himself involved in a series of mysterious events involving the blood moon and Beatrix; a young woman with familiar eyes.
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I'll See You in Nirvana

A fire or a message? A mercenary or a messenger? A slave or a god? A name or an awakening? "The flame that shines brightest also burns hottest and fastest. I'll see you in Nirvana."
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My Eyes Are Stars

They were a pair of adventurers. Oscar, a swordsman looking for a teacher in magic, and Penelope, a woman with overbearing strength, looking to make a name for herself in the world. In a world of magic and legend, their story isn't all that uncommon, but theirs is just one look of many into a place where ordinary and extraordinary are one.
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The Guardian of The Night

Sometimes life tests man in such a way that he becomes silent. He cannot express himself even if he wants to. Nor can he make a decision for himself. Be thankful for all the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser, and humble. DON'T LET IT BREAK YOU! LET IT MAKE YOU!
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The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns of the Plan created by the Founder, or will they be able to rewrite their own destinies? When they find Klaudia, they believe the balance has tilted in …
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The Red Book of Magic

In Vanjer, a Land devastated by conflicts between Kingdoms, Empires, Countries and Houses, the Wizards takes on a war against the armies of the Dark Lord Ihrir. Arcanis, a young wizard, talented but avenger, decides to join the war, on a quest to find out the truth about his past and present; in the way, he will begin to discover terrible revelati…
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