Times Have Changed

Bucky and Steve are finally married and the Avengers are retired. But sometimes, life suddenly changes.
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A matter of feeling

A collection of #Wonderbat shots [Drabble series]
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Wolverine versus the X-Men

Histoire non vérifiée Within the news placed by Marvel in 2020, with "House of X" and "Power of X", I am writing a script where Wolverine is contacted by his daughter, from another dimension that informs him about everyone being manipulated, probably by Moira, but nothing is certain! So Logan has a terrible mission to find out who or what is behind this and prevent a c…
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Revive: Summary

Histoire non vérifiée Reviver is a fanfic centered on Damian Wayne, who revived and left Robin dead. However, this is just the summary of Reviver and all its chapters.
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Histoire non vérifiée Revive is to come back to life, to remember what happened and renew in a better version. Everything reconciled for Damian to relive, to experience the life of a normal boy, with a normal family, in a normal world. Damian revived, leaving Robin dead.
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