Date Night - Alter Story

David's girlfriend, Allice has a couple of days off and invites him for a night out. What she has planned may be mundane, but with a memorable twist. This is the whole night as it happened with very few details left out.
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My Incubus Professor

Histoire non vérifiée It's Bonnie Heathworth's senior year at Whitemounre University. All goes well, till she hears how everyone gossips of the new Physics Professor, Tobit Asmodeus. Eventually she meets him for herself and the moment she laid her eyes on him, she suddenly became horny. After never having looked at a man in that way before, things changes for young Bon…
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King Of Lust

Histoire non vérifiée Dorrek Vladimir, a young inexperienced warlock joins Whitemourne Academy for the gifted. A place where young ones like him can learn to control their gifts and live among others freely, but also a place where the ruthless king of lust himself calls it his turf, and finds it unpleasant when a rebellious warlock such as Dorrek, refuses to be bossed …
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Eldria - T.1 - L'Enfer Rose

Histoire non vérifiée "Tandis que la guerre fait rage entre la nation du Val-de-Lune et l'Empire d'Eriarh, Eldria, une jeune fermière sans histoire du Val-de-Lune, se retrouve bien malgré elle embarquée loin des siens pour des raisons qu'elle ne mettra pas longtemps à découvrir..." ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ Cette histoire contient de nombreuses scènes sexuellement explicites et n…
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Le mafieux et l'avocate

Histoire non vérifiée Rachel Frey est une avocate qui vient d'ouvrir son cabinet avec sa meilleure amie. Mais leur affaire rencontre des difficulté de décollage et elles ont besoin d'un grosse affaire sinon elles risquent de mettre la clé sur la porte. Jackson Wolf est l'homme le plus puissant au monde.Il est le roi de la mafia et il contrôle le monde des affaires à …
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Mega Millions Analysis

Histoire non vérifiée In contrast to the uniformity often found in artificial intelligence-generated data, Mega Millions outcomes exhibit a fascinating burstiness. This burstiness manifests in the form of both low and high prize winnings, creating a dynamic landscape of financial opportunities. Players may experience the elation of minor wins juxtaposed with the allure…
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Histoire de blog

To Be So Broken

Histoire non vérifiée When a broken soul is too broken to put back together, is it worth trying to save? I never felt whole in my life of forced light. That is until he showed me how to be alive in the darkness.
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Silk & Chain 2

Histoire non vérifiée 🔞 Redemption for our couple came with the most impossible and dangerous thing, called love. However, the callous past spreads its tentacles to suffocate their happiness, which they have just begun to enjoy. If the only way to escape is to relive your darkest nightmares, what would you choose? An even more dangerous game of domination and su…
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For you | A vampire seduction

Histoire non vérifiée Rachel always had a boring life. She hardly believes in the existence of soul mates and everything that has to do with it. What she hardly knows is that she has a soul mate, and on top of that, he is a vampire. He becomes everything she ever wanted...
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𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬

Histoire non vérifiée A Collection Of Sinful Stories Written By Me. This Book Contains Mature Language And Sexual Themes Suited For Ages 18 And Up!
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C'est juste pour une nuit

Histoire non vérifiée Il parti sans un regard en arrière... Jules 18ans jeune adulte en galère dans sa vie aussi bien amoureuse qu'étudiante. Sa colocataire froide et distante va t'elle réussir à le faire sortir du mutisme dans lequel il est rentré lors de sa première nuit de folie... N'oubliez pas de commenter ça m'aide vraiment !!! >< 🙏
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The Mafia Don'S Kitten

Histoire non vérifiée Nova Green, a young woman, has grappled with social anxiety throughout her entire life. Always preferring the safety of the sidelines, Nova is content in her reclusive existence. However, her unassuming world takes an unexpected turn when her friends insist on dragging her to a boxing match at a renowned club in the heart of the city. Angelo, a p…
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Code Fatale: A Last Chance Arrangement

Histoire non vérifiée When famed crime boss Mihkail Castenilla, a.k.a Ghost, is faced with the reality of his crime-ridden lifestyle he fears for those he cherishes most. Three dangerous women known as his "Fatales" stand as his assassins, his protectors and they devote their lives to his safety. When faced with the law, Mihkail must plan for their escape to a domestic…
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The council president

Histoire non vérifiée Take note that this is my first time making an interactive story. It’s a romance story involving some sexy time. You can choose to be a female or male. You bump into the student council president in the hall
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End Of Bliss

Histoire non vérifiée Nightmare was the boss of a really big and terrifying gang. One night they went to a club to celebrate taking down their rivals, while there they see Fredbear who had walked into the club not knowing it was occupied by the gang. Fredbear went and ordered themselves a drink and sat at the bar quietly, Fredbear had caught Nightmare's eye so Nightma…
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Picture This

Picture This is a very involved interactive erotic tale that starts off with a girl in high school and can lead to several erotic scenes that will leave you wanting to picture that and everything else in this creative sexy adventure.
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Foudroie moi si tu peux

Histoire non vérifiée Tu es mien peut importe ce que tu feras et ou tu ira tu sera mon jouet
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Histoire non vérifiée Laura never imagined that going to work to Korea would change her life, all thanks to the K-pop idols. A unique story of romance and passion that will make you fall in love.
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Forbidden Passions

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some, it's just because they can. For some, it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Whatever their reason, these students are letting themselves get into something they really shouldn't: a moment of forbidden passion with their teachers. *** Forbidden Passions is a collection of teacher/…
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My Heart is broken 💔

Histoire non vérifiée Je décide de changer ma description je préfère : ... désolé si la description précédente était un petit peu inapproprié alors je décide de l'éliminer.
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Alison Gracelyn, a half-witch and half-wolf, has always held a special place within the Blue Moon pack. Innocent, yet extraordinary and powerful, she has grown up in a world where her unique heritage sets her apart from others. Little did she know that her life was about to take a thrilling turn when she unexpectedly comes face to face with her de…
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Those sexy "things" are growing ¡Part Two!

Histoire non vérifiée We continue the story about you and your girl with yours unusual and exciting ability to "Grow"
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Forbidden Fruits

Histoire non vérifiée A collection of forbidden sexual encounters
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The Experiment

Histoire non vérifiée Lucia, an experienced caravanser, is presented with a dream offer, promising her great wealth. Despite the fact that Lucia accepted the offer, she feels uneasy and suspicious about the veracity of the offer. She without knowing that she would be part of an experiment.
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Governor's Possession (Savage Men Series)

Histoire non vérifiée Jane and her friends were quietly working on their project at school when she suddenly heard a scream. Curious, she glanced out the window and saw a group of unknown men attacking a man. The next day, she met Rodrigo Navarro, the most powerful person in their area. The person who would change her peaceful life. How long could she hide from the yo…
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GILFS - erotic tales for active women

Histoire non vérifiée After the success of the book MILFS, many people entered my social networks asking me to write about a very similar topic: writing erotic stories involving elderly women. So throw the first stone, the sixty-year-old woman who has never experienced something that society would discriminate against, like having a relationship with a thirty- to forty…
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A Succubus Lies

Histoire non vérifiée Wendy Evans is a succubus. Shes worked hard to get where she is today. Suddenly, she meets Damien Claud. He's a player and he's set his eyes on Wendy. Will they grow to love each other or hate each other?
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