It Was Meant 2B: A NieR Automata Fan Fiction

I am the last human left on earth. I was rescued by a YoRHa issued android, who went on to become my protector for then on. Little did she know of my feelings for her and my unexpected way of revealing it... This is an erotic short story with 2 versions. The first is for male readers and those who are heterosexual while the other will be oriented…
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Crescent moon

Isabella is leaving Forks and starting college in a new city.
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Histoire non vérifiée "Mi flor dorada" dice el Alfa acariciando y besando las mejillas del príncipe. "Joven Jungkook, esto no es correcto" el príncipe dice mirándolo a los ojos. "Correcto o no a usted parece gustarle y no piense negarlo porque su cuerpo, su esencia, su corazón, su Omega y todo lo suyo responde a mí solo a mí" "Únicamente a ti Jungkook" -KookV…
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La compagne de la mort

Histoire non vérifiée Mes parents sont morts quand j'étais petite.J'ai été levé par mes grands parents. J'étais comme leur princesse et il m'ont beaucoup soigné. J'ai grandi avec ma cousine qui est ma meilleure amie et confidente. Après l' université, nous avons décidé de créer notre boîte d'événementiels . Elle est douée avec les chiffres et je suis doué a la créatio…
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Fading Darkness

Histoire non vérifiée ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CW = Swearing, Violence, Abuse, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Murder, Omegaverse, Male Pregnancy, Discussion Of Abortion, Rape, Smut, Self-Harm, Mentions Of Suicidal Ideation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightmare x Fredbear (Main) Nightmare Bonnie x Fredbear (Side) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK #1 In the "Fading Darkn…
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Falling for billionaire idols

Histoire non vérifiée Exo, one of the most legendary boy groups in Korea. Yes, I come from that band. Money, fame and good life are all begging me to be on my side. But all of this comes with a price, right? Every thing comes with a price. Never have I thought that I'd have to pay it on the woman that would mean the world to me.
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Miraculous Ladybug: Guardian’s Legacy

Histoire non vérifiée In the story of "Miraculous: The Guardian’s Legacy, Marinette, a young and talented girl, becomes the next Ladybug Miraculous holder under the guidance of the wise and experienced Master Fu. Throughout the episodes, Marinette embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing various challenges and uncovering the secrets of the Miraculouses.
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Histoire non vérifiée Richard is a drummer staying in a hotel but he starts to experience odd things while staying there he's not alone his spouse who's also in the music business experiences the same things
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In Your Dreams (I'll Fill You Up)

Histoire non vérifiée “U-uh wha- T-Taehyungie hyung, what are you doing here, wh-a.” Taehyung smirks when Jungkook seems to wake up from his deep slumber, sleep-muddled brain still figuring out the situation as he pistons his shaft inside his half-sleepy mate pulling out breathless moans from him. ♡ In Jungkook's pack, it's tradition for alphas to fuck the omega the…
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I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

Histoire non vérifiée "Ah gukkie~" "Isn't this what you wanted pretty baby" Bad boy Jeon Jeongguk, the troublemaker of uni made it his mission to defile the newbie pretty nerd Taehyung when he heard that he's a fresh virgin. cue to him falling for the other and becoming obsessed to the point of manipulating him into not meeting anyone and staying with him in his hou…
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Saint or Sinner

Histoire non vérifiée "Did you or did you not know? " I ask, staring him in the eyes. His blue orbs that once held love now holding regret. " Answer me Justin! Did you or did you not know I'm the girl you raped and left to fate two years ago?!" "Yes." One word. One word that sends a shiver down my spine. One dreadful word that renders my mind void of any remaining c…
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Histoire non vérifiée Jungkook, un adolescent âge de dix-neuf ans, vivait sa vie comme bon lui semble, sans se douter qu'un homme le suivait depuis un long moment déjà...
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