Mayhem of Mustang

A true set of events that took place in a small town in Oklahoma.
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Doctor Gabriel receives the López García couple for the third time at his assisted fertility clinic. Will the third time be the charm?
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Momo is innocent

In front of Olga, a child from the refugee camp does not answer her questions. What could the teddy bear in his arms have seen in his eyes?
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Celeste (english version)

David has awakened in a futuristic place. Full of doubts, he will try to uncover the reasons that have led him to Celeste. 3rd WINNER IN INKSPIRED "TIME TRAVELERS" CHALLENGE!
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Prologue, monologue, epilogue

An introspective look at the symptoms of deep depression. Life is tough, but sometimes it will depend on how we interpret the world out there.
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Lights out

Adam reflects on the reasons that have led him to celebrate a second marriage ceremony, which will also be the last one. #20 FINALIST IN EXLIBRIC "48 HOURS STORY CHALLENGE" ANTOLOGY!
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SHOW OFF: Romance from another planet.

Even the sky have someone to show, what of you?
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Eric and Edna were the worst couples but the best of friends and best co-parents. But with Eric moving on with his life with his new girlfriend he wants to help Edna get back out there. Especially after the man, she is in love with starts seeing someone else
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I want to be numb. Instead, I feel everything. The whole world seems to be laughing at me, but it's just the voices in my head talking. I want to die, but I can't, at least not yet. But I need a reason to stay.
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Dejan and the diary

Helen's husband Dejan died when she was in her late thirties. Until his death she had written a diary and when she reached for it again at sixty to read it, she realized a lifelong mistake.
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How my mind was stolen

A story about how a fresh mind was stolen.
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A poem about the truth never found

They thought they knew about everything, and she let them think so. But in the end, she couldn't even blame them for they knew nothing. And she never told them the truth.
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Janet’s Big Secret

Janet turned 16 last weekend which was pretty big because she was finally 16 and she found out that she was pregnant… she freaked out and her parents couldn’t find out at least not yet. So she’s been holding this big secret but days past and she’s getting bigger so there’s no hiding it now think it’s time for her to confess this big secret
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Hitler's Doubler

Hitler's Doubler was a very unknown man kept in secrets for long times but his story finally comes to light. This story was written only for the entertainment of you who is reading it and if you happen to like it please leave a review thank you so much. Unknown artist
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Destruction is essential to construction. If we want to build the new, we must be willing to let the old burn. [...] G. Doyle
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Foe or friend

Leni Welle was an impressively warm-hearted sister, but when Elsa Welle came home with her secretly married husband Simon Martin, something unbelievable happened. 
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Operation: Saving the Monthiversary

Agustina and Valentina go to the Suarez family pizzeria to celebrate the sixth month since they've seen each other for the first time in two years. It's supposed to be all love and fun, right? Except Valentina goes back to her house to get a present for her girlfriend, but never comes back. Meanwhile, Javier, Valentina's ex boyfriend, escapes from…
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119 DAYS

I could still turn back before I pass the last houses and really have to commit to this. - Wong
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March 2, 1934

Gina is a young woman who falls in love with a wealthy man of the south. They set out on an adventure shortly after marriage to find their dream home in the secluded rural mountains of Pennsylvania. This is where her life changes forever. Gina starts journaling to pass the time while Paul is away for business. Something unusual happens in 1934 th…
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The days after she left....
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To Home

Originally made for the Interactive Drama Competition, but ran out of time. (Taking a break) Short story about a man named K and his decisions on where to go next.
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Time with You

When the near tragedy of an unexpected event ends up transforming the relationship of a father and son who never got along.
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After getting back from a long business trip, Antonio's mind is set on ending things. Telling his wife, once and for all, that he doesn't love her like he used to, and that from now on, they should part ways. But Antonio didn't expect that, between a few sips of a good cup of coffee, a lot can happen between heaven and earth; even old feelings res…
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Like Dogs Running in the Dark

Javier has everything a guy could wish for (fame, power and success), however, as the years go by he begins to feel a shaky emptiness within his heart, as if nothing else mattered anymore. And so, during one of his many spiritual pilgrimages in the search of answers, he decides to climb a holy mountain in the Pirineus - as his master has instructe…
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Opposite Words

Get ready to meet Veronica, a girl with a heart bigger than the world, fresh out of her native country. Despite missing her deceased mother buried in Colombia, she feels happy, as she struggles with Sofia, her younger sister, for better living conditions, working hard in Japan. However, love will play a hell of a trick on her.
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Renan hides a secret that his girlfriend can't even imagine. After he disappears without leaving his whereabouts, finally, after three months of intense searching in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Valentina discovers that he has moved to São Paulo. Will her love withstand the harsh test of abandonment? What made Renan disappear without even warning h…
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"In the wake of this world; the birth of all humanity, animals, and plants alike, we are here for a purpose. Really? For God’s amusement? Well, we really don’t know the answer now, do we? The creatures on the planet that orbits in the galaxy through vast number of stars, we live here only to die and then be born again, and the cycle goes on until…
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A Footprint At A Time

This is about the life circumstances of a husband and wife
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