Magic is by far the hardest thing to understand. Humans have been excluded from everything the other intelligent species do. However, there's someone messing with humans. Ebony Brown was attacked. A team of kids from various different species must join together to defeat a common enemy. Who exactly are they? It's pretty much unknown.
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Master of Dragons

Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encouraged her whims, letting her enjoy a rowdy friendship with Elric, and all the training she could ask for. It was pure freedom from her womanly expectations. Then, in her 19th year, h…
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Wanted by the Vampires (Book 2)

This human thought she found the perfect job. All her bills paid, a salary, and dental to boot! Not to forget that her bosses were literally to die for. Piper quickly learned that not everything in the House of Durand was as it seemed and some things should have been kept hidden. Now thrust into the world of vampires, Piper must navigate the bloo…
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My boyfriend is a vampire

Histoire non vérifiée Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is dating …
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Apex Nation Volume 1: The Babysitter

Apex Nation Volume 1: The Babysitter A series about another world where ocean life has evolved and people are extinct
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[PREVIEW] Royal Arcanum (Book 1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

18-year-old Cathy Charlotte somehow has a soul connection to the ancient Vesperian legend. Not that she knows, until Sylvia Elle, an angel in disguised came to reveal the secret, that Cathy is born from the mother who inherits an Italian royal bloodline. One day, Cathy is astonished to know that her mom is part of the frightening secret fraternit…
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Moon's Murder: Praeteritum

Frederico de la luna is a madman with unclear motives who leads a group of mercenaries in search to destroy as many cities as he can. Alister, his second in command has vowed to protect him even though Frederico treats him poorly. It's only made worse when you realize Alister is his son and for some reason, Frederico doesn't remember him. Its lef…
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It's Back?

Histoire non vérifiée The story is about four high school friends who fight against a force with their special abilities coming in handy. The force is from another dimension, another world, and it's portal has been opened again.
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A World of Unknown Magic

Histoire non vérifiée Two twins fall into an unknown world and go on an adventure as they try to find their way home.
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Histoire non vérifiée It is made up.Hope you like it.It is my first book. Please leave a good review if you like it and if you don't then please suggest me some topics. I will try my best to finish them ☺️.
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Indebted to the Vampires (Book 1)

A broken vase isn’t all this maid owed her masters. Piper needed a job. Any job would do. But when the temp agency assigns her to clean the house of a bunch of snobby rich men, she isn’t sure it’s worth it. Stuck in a job she has no choice but to keep, Piper, becomes even more indebted to her employers when she breaks a priceless vase. However, he…
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Sarah and her friend, Martha once decided to have a funny evening, but what did that funny evening come with?. Read through and see what happened to Sarah and her friend.
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The bad ending story

Histoire non vérifiée All storys with bad endins Cinderela didn't have a godmother.
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The Legacy Of The SpellBorn.

PoeticStory Fantasy Mythology inspired by L.O.T.R., The Hobbit, Skyrim and Iron Maiden. Book 3 In the SpellBorn Trilogy.
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Shura Saga: Burn and Slay

Histoire non vérifiée On his Warrior’s Pilgrimage, Raksha seeks to hone his mind, spirit, and martial skills. Enter Sadea the Slayer, a powerful sorceress who loves silk, jewels, and killing things for fun and profit. She calls their entanglement a beautiful partnership, but it’s the last thing he needs. Or so he thinks.
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Defying The Goddess Of Light

Histoire non vérifiée Kail Phoenix thought that he had fought for nothing when his life ended suddenly. Then there was a strange melodic voice that reached out to him in the darkness. As soon as that voice finished speaking to him, he found himself in another world! The voice belonged to the Goddess Of Darkness. She gave him a goal: get revenge against the Goddess Of…
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Lord Of Shiro

Histoire non vérifiée Reborn as A lord with near infinite Power, what will he do with such power once he's controled it?
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Magic Of Mioda

Histoire non vérifiée Waking up as a level one wizard hoping to rank up.
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The Walk To Hell-pt.1

Histoire non vérifiée This chapter is about a teenager who is in Hamilton high-school and is in an apocalypse and while he's in this apocalypse he's trying to find some survivors
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Reminder of Kitsune Tales

Histoire non vérifiée *insert description here*
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Histoire de blog

Inside the cloud

Histoire non vérifiée Me and my son have been stuck in this cloud forever until..?
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My invisible friend

"HI my name is star and am wolf cub" hi my name is ocean and am a water dragon". Ocean is his only friend but she invisible so he can't stand with his clan. They must make their own join them as they try to make a pack of their own.
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My Angel Boyfriend

Histoire non vérifiée A female High School Student who is always bullied at her school until she thinks of committing suicide because of the hardship she feels, because of this she will meet a man who will save her and what can be a relationship with them As for Angel Theo, he doesn't want to tell Karina that god sent him to help her. DISCLAIMER: THIS NOVEL IS ORIG…
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Histoire non vérifiée Imagine living in a perfect world, unfortunately that doesn't exist but Phoenicia is as close as you will ever get. Meliora was an exception to this next to perfect world, she felt she never belonged. The more she tried to conform the harder her life seemed to be.
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Blood Cravings (Fantasy Chronicles Book1)

Elizabeth Hale lost her father to an unknown cause when she was very young and was always desperate to know the cause of his passing but her mother loathed talking of the matter and would weep once asked of it. Therefore she eventually gave up asking not wishing to see her only parent cry. ...........Lately reports of people going missing have als…
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The Unbonded

Histoire non vérifiée *This story will depict occasional violence and possibly triggering scenes, read with discretion* Luca lived an uncomplicated life as a farmer with his loving Aunt, Uncle and cousins, when a sudden discovery threatens to change everything he knows and alter his goals and dreams. Ripped away from his freedom and his family, Luca tries to navigate…
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Moon Wolf

Histoire non vérifiée Hazel Ford is 18 years old. She is a rare wolf, there's only 2 of her kind. Hazel is only able to hurt on a full moon, she's still strong but her wolf only comes out on a full moon. There a dangerous and ruthless wolf. Hazels life is nothing but hell for her. Her mother killed herself and her father blames Hazel for her mother's death. Hazel is ab…
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the emperor misses his daughter

Histoire non vérifiée A greedy emperor lost his daughter and tries to recover but opens a big problem This story will have a happy ending for the protagonist This story will have very few chapters
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