Nephilim's Rings

Orpheus, the Devil's Advocate is living on Earth to find the Baphomet's supposed heir. The Baphomet has chosen Julian as his guide to the human world, lacking any real power he struggles under the demon's hands. Along the way, he has a tempting offer made to him.
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My boyfriend is a vampire

Histoire non vérifiée Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is dating …
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The Sorceress

Une partie de l’univers de Universitas Antiquita Skylar Lundquist has left her Magical Realm for the first time and traveled to the City of Arcadia Aranea, one of the major cities within the Known Realms famous for its pro-technology stance. She needs to find her best friend and return to Praeclarum Prismatis as soon as possible without arousing too much attention. On her first night, she comes …
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A Witches Life:The Bloodline Curse

Histoire non vérifiée Annie, a just turning 16 year old teen, discovers that her whole life may have to change, due to the curse of her family Bloodline awakening. can she fend off the curse to her life?
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The Red Castle

Rose was on her way to discover the mysteries of her nightmare and the disappearance of time, when she encountered a boy who captured her heart.
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Rise of Lord of Chaos

Histoire non vérifiée Draul was an orphan, sent to live with his uncle in the city of Allimar. He was the only Dark Elf in the city. One day, the city is overrun with Goblins and Mountain Trolls, meanwhile, at the Tower of Balance, the tower that stood in the middle of Allimar, the Sacred Orb of Balance is removed. Then without warning, the tower, thought destroye…
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My Eyes Are Stars

Histoire non vérifiée They were a pair of adventurers. Oscar, a swordsman looking for a teacher in magic, and Penelope, a woman with overbearing strength, looking to make a name for herself in the world. In a world of magic and legend, their story isn't all that uncommon, but theirs is just one look of many into a place where ordinary and extraordinary are one.
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Shadow of the Stars

Skia hadn't expected this, but she'd be blazed if she stood by and did nothing.
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Magic is by far the hardest thing to understand. Humans have been excluded from everything the other intelligent species do. However, there's someone messing with humans. Ebony Brown was attacked. A team of kids from various different species must join together to defeat a common enemy. Who exactly are they? It's pretty much unknown.
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The Author

Histoire non vérifiée A young lady goes to sleep every night but is always having a dream where she saves people. Little dose she know that the people she saves are real people!
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Secret Society

Histoire non vérifiée My dreams become a reality
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Histoire non vérifiée About 2 teenagers became wonderers about a task or quest to accomplish something.
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A day in my life VOL.2

Histoire non vérifiée AY your favorite Darkness are back but this time Alot Of Crap went down though shadow Gets a girlfriend? We meet Moonlights long mysterious Father?! And does Moonlight get a GF check out A Day in my life VOL.2
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The Taming

We are immortals. The Forever Knights. I am a shapeshifter. Collared with a special pendant to be summoned by our alpha. She tried to steal it. But the last thing she expected was for me to turn the tables as soon as we were out of view of my party guests. But she was a thief, a liar, and an imposter. The only thing I wanted to steal from her w…
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I am a Catalyst. The Spark, the lore calls me. The problem with being a Spark was two-fold. Monsters were drawn to me. And I'd known so many of them that I found myself unable to be intrigued by any normal, human male. I was drawn to those dangerous breeds now, like a moth to flame, how much could I really resist their primal aggression? Yo…
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Fractured soul

My name is Kurly Kassandra Krystalis. This name was my bane my entire life, nothing like the usual island names. It was foreign, strange, the name my father gave me- us. Beyond that, I had died many times. So many times that my soul became fractured, in extent, somehow, all my fractured souls ended up in one body separated by a domain. Each soul f…
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The fairy written by Elizabeth Langford July 2022

Histoire non vérifiée the story was about a fairy watching me walking in the night the world was very beautiful the world was very dark the world was very magical the world was very beautiful the world was very lovely too
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Histoire non vérifiée A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind.
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Histoire non vérifiée "A just so dangerous journey to find the light after it collapsed with the apparent conflict. Will the way through be successful? Or will despair take over once more? At last see the true appearance of the mysterious girl as ã̸̛̫̠̙̩̥̝̺͕̤͓͍͒̐̔̂̇̀̄̌͘͝͝k̷̝̜̘̟̼̤̜̭͕̪͑̄̌̓̄͜͜͝ȅ̵̩͇͙͖̤̑̈͑̿̐̍͛̓͗̐́͝m̸̢̝̤̪͇̻͚̄ì̵̬̳͒̈́̄̇̔́̓͝r̵͇̙͕͓̬̮̣̫̟̗̺̣̹̟̈́̂͆̈̋͑̀̎̚e̷͎̥̱̖̯͇̣̿͒̇͐͐̕̚ blindly confronts her within shadows. "
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The Star-Crossed Lovers

 In the beautiful and small village of France namely "pellion" Was small peaceful home town of the cottagecore girl "Cecilia Aubert " Just some girl who was in the await of her prince on the white horse. As in destiny twisted and make her fall in love with the other town boy" Pierre Dubois " , the only son of the family and a great hunter. He was …
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Histoire non vérifiée A work in progress, feel free to comment! A story I've been meaning to start for awhile now. Hope anyone who reads it will enjoy.
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Paraden High

Histoire non vérifiée The Kingdom of Paraden was once a peaceful place before chaos ensued. Dakurodo, also known as, The Dark Lord, threatened the fate of humanity and, along with his allies, had escaped to the outside world. Paraden was humankind’s last hope and so they formed a team, which consisted 3 warriors: Ichi, Ni and San. One by one they captured Dakurodo’s al…
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The Angelic Devil

Histoire non vérifiée Tori is a young girl who realizes that in her world of magic, she is an angelic devil. Her unknown ancestors, made a deal with death, and a deal with God, so that one of their descendants would be the devil, and an angel.
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Histoire non vérifiée Exipure as the name shows may be a fat-consuming sweetening that assists in your weight reduction with traveling with much no secondary effects.
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The Unforgiven Tomes:. The Memory Stone

Histoire non vérifiée Nermorant, the Jewel of Vraberle has fallen on dark times. The Black Bloods are being hunted across the lands, Emperor Hantiss grieves for his missing son and the worst are the sinister demonic forces that threaten to tear down the ancient city. Legends are made, unlikely alliances are formed as the Empire of Vraberle crumbles.
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Void Of Power

Histoire non vérifiée An OP player gets what he deserves as he loses a duel against a mage elf.
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A World of Unknown Magic

Histoire non vérifiée Two twins fall into an unknown world and go on an adventure as they try to find their way home.
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