John Death

In the search for protection from his enemies, a wealthy businessman hires the service of John Death, a hero to whom he owes his life, and hands the keys to his empire which within lies his sole possession; his daughter.
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"The Katie Becker Diaries" is a captivating series that chronicles the life of a young girl, brimming with love, loss, crime, and a plethora of other experiences. This enthralling series takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of Katie's life, as she navigates through various challenges and obstacles. With each episode, you'll be drawn de…
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Murder in a small town

Histoire non vérifiée Was the drugs worth it
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The Relic Heist

Histoire non vérifiée A story about crime
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After Twenty Years

The story ‘After Twenty Years’ is about two friends, who meet again after twenty years. By O.Henry
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People Like Us

You live, never knowing who you are or what you're here for. And then you die, preferably young, with a powdered nose and a gut full of lead and booze
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Histoire non vérifiée Book tells the story of the Vyyckos Mafia family and how they came along building businesses making Network moves the family just alternatively became a big power move family for communities the book describes the stories of some of the members have encountered and how the founder started the family which is known as a legacy family
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The smell of posion

This is own story I wrote read story and five comments
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Happy Wounds

Histoire non vérifiée People get used to their pain. They accept them and move on. Some cover it up, some suppress it, some choose to forget it. But I'm a little different. It's about choosing to enjoy the pain instead of getting used to it. It was the only way for me to survive, not to move on. For some, it's the wrong choice. For me, it's the only way. Wrong or right…
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The Dark evil

Arjun life changes upside down when he decides to help his childhood one-sided love who was stuck in a problem. Hope that you will enjoy the story . If any changes please comment
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A Crime of Passion

A murder. A love affair. An obsession. Will Detective Matthew Gyatt and town Police Chief Bianca Marilyn find the killer? Will they be in time to save the town of Carton from a serial killer in the making?
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The 2 Warriors

Two people have a battle find out and see who wins out of them. Or will they both die?
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Histoire non vérifiée Kathy has to save her home when it catches on fire because of her fire powers.
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The Perfect Goodbye

A detective begins his investigation into the woman's disappearance after discovering the old case file.
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The Magic Knife

Zoe finds a knife but it's not as it seems. Will Zoe find out where it came from read on to find out?!
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Prosecutor Peterson

After being framed up for a murder.. Peterson was released from jail after spending three and half years in jail
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Histoire non vérifiée Une série parlent de kidnapping, prostitution, juvénile delinquency,viol,trahison, amour vengeance, pouvoir, sorcellerie, animaux exploitation, drogue.....'
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Histoire non vérifiée "Le goût pour la violence et la mort sont mes addictions" Non Azra n'est pas folle, elle est simplement détruite " Accorder le pardon à une personne qui continuera de vous détruire et l'une des pires choses que vous puissiez faire " Non il n'est pas rancunier, Iaros est juste mort " L'amour est la seule arme capable de me détruire" Lequ…
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In the year 2000, an event known as the "tragic Christmas" will change the world, a large part of the world's population will awaken a series of abilities, known as singularities, that will turn them into superhumans and cause the worst crisis in the history of humanity. Currently in the year 2020, the "tragic Christmas" is only remembered as som…
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Empire Elevator

The massive Empire, Inc. is now open! Meanwhile, during a national crisis, ex-thrill-seeker, Freddy, retreats to his family's "elevating" traditions. While some old illegal activities creep back into his life, an acquaintance with a dangerous artist will threaten the safety of everyone involved. Things get pushed over the edge. Then Freddy's deci…
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La politique est l'œuvre de la guerre

Histoire non vérifiée Il y avait très longtemps l'Afrique vivaient en harmonie et utilisaient sa propre culture .Mais depuis l'arrivée de l'ennemi à connu l'esclavage en Afrique où est cette culture ? Où est cet harmonie ?
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Histoire non vérifiée LUKE'S HARDWAY is about a 45 year old man imprisoned for a charge case of murder his father committed. He was arrested to stand in for his father due to the illness his father has (flesh cancer).He was acquitted on the basis that he won't be allowed to mingle amidst people due to this cancer and he was forced to live faraway from the town no huma…
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Ancestors with style

Histoire non vérifiée Dylan Reid is an experienced detective with 10 years of experience. Arriving by order of the ministry to London, he accidentally takes the wrong suitcase at the station. With hunger, he learns that in this suitcase is a time machine, not his things. Dylan accidentally turns on the time machine and is transported to the era of late antiquity, th…
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Deal or No Deal (Love Me If You Dare)

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Deal or No Deal (Love Me If You Dare) Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Unconventional Love Story Summary: A Weird and Clumsy Librarian A Cold and Inane Painter What will happen if they crashed with each other literally? And a secret that they hold against with each other Will they remain civil or will they kill each other for their secret?…
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My Robot and I

Histoire non vérifiée Title: My Robot and I Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Greatest Invention Summary: "You don't belong here. You were created, not born. Now, they want you back. They want you back to be the strongest weapon ever build. You have to runaway. Don't ever let them catch you. There are worst things than death. Use your skills to survive. No matter w…
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Title: "Surviving Hell: A Journey of Redemption and Second Chances"

Histoire non vérifiée "Welcome to Hell" is a gripping memoir that takes readers on a journey through the brutal and dangerous world of prison life. From the stench of fear and urine that permeates the walls to the constant threat of violence and rape, the author describes the harsh realities of life behind bars. With each chapter, readers witness the power struggles an…
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The Data Heist: A Thrilling Race to Safeguard Valuable Information

Histoire non vérifiée "The Data Heist" is a pulse-pounding cyber thriller that follows Alex Turner, a brilliant cybersecurity expert, as they race against time to stop Cipher, a mysterious hacker, from executing a massive data heist. With a team of skilled allies, Alex navigates a treacherous digital landscape, uncovering clues and facing off against rival groups. As l…
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Histoire de blog

Divorce Lawyer

Histoire non vérifiée In this article, we delve into the intricate world of divorce in New Jersey and emphasize the crucial role of a divorce lawyer in navigating the complexities that arise during this process. We explore the unique legal landscape of the Garden State, discussing its divorce laws, requirements, and key considerations. From property division and child …
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