The Talking Doll

This is a retelling of the Slavic folk tale 'Vasilissa The Beauty'. After the fall of Cintra, Cirilla is left wandering the woods alone. The child manages to avoid people as much as she can, yet it doesn't save her from hunger and fear. When a pretty red-haired lady offers help, Ciri finds herself unnaturally attracted to her. (One-shot).
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Jubilation | OS Dramione

『 Lorsque Hermione et Drago se retrouvent face à face, seuls dans une salle de classe, les langues se délient... 』
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The Beginning of Something New

This is the story of a couple new demigods that go to Camp Half Blood. All the old characters are still there and things definitely get crazy, as they always do in Uncle Ricks books.
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The "Perfect" Hero

Histoire non vérifiée Percy Jackson is the son of Posiden, the Hero of Olympus, the perfect son. Everyone believes that Percy had a perfect childhood for him to be so happy and carefree. But what happens when people slowly find out about the tragic truth of their "Perfect" Hero? And what if something happened to Percy when he fell into Tartarus with Annnabeth? Find ou…
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The Moon of Fatality

Histoire non vérifiée Part 2
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The rainwing secret

Histoire non vérifiée Her camouflaged scales itched from the wheat grass that rubbed into her sides. If she could, she would’ve run then. But they had marked her. They always knew where she was. What she was. What was she? An experiment? No. A three year old soldier that could kill queens.
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Histoire non vérifiée Gonzalo is the new junior IT forensic specialist in the small town of Himmelsburg, Germany. He emigrated from his hometown, the cove of Santa Maria in Chile, to live with his wife. However, peculiar crimes begin to trouble the local police and the humble residents of this tranquil place. Now, with the assistance of his boss, Mr. Klein, Gonzalo mus…
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Dog of Bones blog

Histoire non vérifiée A blog where I'll discuss things about Dog of Bones like concepts, explain in universe machinations and keep anyone who's interested in reading, updated on what's going on
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Dog of Bones

Histoire non vérifiée Many warriors fight with claws, many fight with Fangs, others prefer to fight their battles using nothing but ink and paper... Game of thrones fanfiction about dogs and cats and other animals that really has very little in common with GoT besides the name that Twitter friends and I have posted about and I finally wanted to actually write about …
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Histoire non vérifiée Que se passerait-il si les moldus découvraient l'existence des sorciers? Ignis est une jeune sorcière qui entre en sixième année à Poudlard. N'ayant que très peu fréquenté le milieu sorcier, elle se trouve très vite entraînée au cœur des conflits d'un monde aussi extraordinaire que dangereux. Mais c'est aussi l'occasion pour elle de sortir de l'…
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Poison Roses

Histoire non vérifiée Corrine Peverel has always been able to see magic. She ends up going to hogwarts, where she crosses paths with Tom Riddle. They start out as rivals, but over time she comes to like him. She sets out to help him and keep him from becoming a monster.
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Dark As Knight

Histoire non vérifiée Ever since she was a little girl, Harmony always dreamed of a prince swooping her up and taking her away in his arms, she always dreamed of her other half, but after finding out what she is. She runs away from home and learns on the run that her family is dead. And then she meets Hadrian Montgomery and things change. For better or worse? You …
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benefits of books

Histoire non vérifiée Traveling assists you with eliminating yourself from the everyday daily schedule and spend some quality time with yourself. It's likewise an effective method for re-energizing your batteries and get the motivation you want . Traveling is an incredible method for finding out about yourself and your general surroundings. It permits you to encounter …
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Cat's Life 2: Wave's Shyness

Histoire non vérifiée (NOTE: Please read Cat's Life: Thin's Ability first!) Wave's a shy and akward cat. Too shy. He wants to change that. But how? He's been shy and akward and POSSIBLY a little bit self-conscious his entire life. When he becomes the leader's mate, he feels so relieved but it doesn't boost his confidence. So if that won't do it... What will?
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How to Outshine Your Peers by Writing Perfect Programming Assignments?

Histoire non vérifiée If you need assistance with programming assignment writing tasks, you can take programming assignment help from experts to make it easy for you.
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Tough Love

Histoire non vérifiée Love is a feeling that everyone wants.But, for some people love doesn't exist. Y/N, a 23 years - old simple indian girl who is gonna enter a dark mafia world. Will she adjust with this mafia world? Will she can experience love in her life??
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Mastering the Art of Crafting CVs & Application Letters: Your Ultimate Assignment Writing Help

Histoire non vérifiée Writing CVs and application letters is an art that requires a deep understanding of both the job market and the specific requirements of each employer.
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Cat's Life: Thin's Ability

Histoire non vérifiée (NOTE: This is a story inspired by Warriors. It takes place a little bit after the clans Thicketclan, Streamclan, Clearclan, and Forestclan. The clans were chased out. They now have created groups that have different customs and beliefs that still have similarities to their old clans' lives. More about this in Intro- History.) Thin-tail is just a…
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The girl in a flower shop with a billionaire

Histoire non vérifiée This story is about a girl who works at a flower shop and a billionaire who has a deep secret love story how they met by a dare
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Thorns adventure

Histoire non vérifiée Thorn looked down at his paws quietly, zoning out completely. He heard the turn of pages as princess orchid read her book next to him. He was going to escape. He was going to get out of this wretched kingdom if it was the Last Thing He Did. __________ A wcue royal rp but in book form!!! 👑 When thorn, the 7 year old …
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The Mafia King

Histoire non vérifiée A Jason McCann mafia fanfic Be WARNED; This story is NOT for you vanilla people. If you aren't comfortable with violence,death, vulgar language, smut, dominant, or sexual content, you should probably find a different story to read!!
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Harry Potter One shots

Histoire non vérifiée One shots of Harry potter characters
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Histoire non vérifiée Jungkook is the popular guy of the university, one day they go to a trip and yn get lost in the forest while camping will he be able to save her enemy watch the full chapters 😊
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Histoire non vérifiée "𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝗮𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗱." "𝗧𝗼 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁?" "𝑻𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖." A new year at Hogwarts began for the Slytherins. With mixed feelings they entered their 6th year, little did they know how much worse it could get. A Draco Malfoy Fan Fiction with messy plots and multiple POV's. Contains sexual relationships, violent actions and psychological abuse. Every character, excep…
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Taylah Timms

Histoire non vérifiée Taylah Timms
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Repello Moldum

Histoire non vérifiée Ceci sera ma version d'une dark romance Drago Hermione. Le monde d'Harry potter comme vous le connaissez décrit par J. K Rolling, avec aussi des inventions de ma part. La menace de Voldemort est toujours la, l'histoire se passera en premier lieu au cours de leur cinquième année à Poudlard.
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Private Marinas in Florida

Histoire non vérifiée The Club at Admirals Cove is distinguished club of Florida and is one of the few private country clubs in Jupiter, Florida with immense top-class amenities(golf, tennis, pickleball & etc.) and has its own marinas.
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