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The Daughter Of The Sun

Nair, that was the name he received. Helion's daughter - the grain lord of the day court, she is also the only descendant of Lina, sister of Thesan. Nair had both blood and thus being hybrid skills. A reader as she had never seen and now, she discovers that the boy Lucien Vanserra actually is her brother. The future Grand Lady of the daytime court…
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The Beginning of Something New

This is the story of a couple new demigods that go to Camp Half Blood. All the old characters are still there and things definitely get crazy, as they always do in Uncle Ricks books.
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Warrior Cats: Lakeclan Reborn

Histoire non vérifiée Maple, a she-cat who live in the forest, is told by a Starclan warrior named Lakestar that she had to reform an ancient clan called Lakeclan. With the help of her kittypet friends Grey and Cookie, she will find the descendants of Ancient Lakeclan warriors
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Histoire non vérifiée Ravana said, the most important lesson of life is that you must defer the bad action as much as you can and you must do good action without any delay and as much early as you can. If you follow this rule, you can save not only yourself but many other people from being damaged.
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Crescent moon

Histoire non vérifiée Isabella is leaving Forks and starting college in a new city.
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The Night Thomas Almost Died

Histoire non vérifiée Its about a boy who was visiting his Best friend who was out of town for 3 months. However when he was going home he met in a terrible accident and he was in a coma for 2 Months.
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Shikari's naked Mishap: the curse of the Psychic

Histoire non vérifiée There is this girl named Shukara at a all girl school that has been strucked by a curse after visiting a phychic lady and the cures is that she would alway be naked and seen by all females students, women teachers and everyday people, but as she is in public she is clothed by the snap of the phsychic's figures, then later on Shukara finds out that…
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Shajot:- a sweet friendship

Histoire non vérifiée Saran
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Chapter 1 the worst day at school

Histoire non vérifiée My very hard life on earth as a normal girl
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Histoire non vérifiée A Forced Marriage between Ruby Knight and Michael Low . Ruby was in love with Michael for a long time but Michael hated and despised her cause he wanted to marry Angela Knight. Ruby Knight: asked If we meet again will you finally chose me. Michael Low: If we ever meet again Ruby will you still have feelings for me.
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Reino Demoníaco

Histoire non vérifiée El Príncipe heredero del reino de los demonios y su camino a convertirse en rey, es un Fanfic de un mundo alterno de los personajes creados por Gaby Rodin.
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Truth Bringers {Wings Of Fire Fanfic}

Histoire non vérifiée Dragons in hiding in Pantala's deep northwest wingtip, are trying to save the two continents, from cruel Queen Anaconda and her husband King Obsidian- they perish lives, ruling 3 tribes, they are unstoppable. But her daughter Navayja and her friend Princess Peacock are joining the group TruthBringers-hidden in the wingtip-and may just help defeat …
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Alone In My Mind

Histoire non vérifiée "The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought." That's the definition of the mind, but people have different definitions for the same words. My definition of mind is way different then everyone else's. ! These are not my characters ! I …
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Histoire non vérifiée Horizon is about a lost cougar cub and every animal thinks he is dead. How he got lost? Well ٫ he got stolen by a pack of wolves at age 3 months.
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The Talking Doll

Histoire non vérifiée This is a retelling of the Slavic folk tale 'Vasilissa The Beauty'. After the fall of Cintra, Cirilla is left wandering the woods alone. The child manages to avoid people as much as she can, yet it doesn't save her from hunger and fear. When a pretty red-haired lady offers help, Ciri finds herself unnaturally attracted to her. (One-shot).
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A court of Memories and Darkness

Histoire non vérifiée "She couldn’t remember anything about herself, not her name, who she was, what she looked like, her family, friends, there was nothing. Nothing, but cold, and darkness."
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Letters to the Stars

Histoire non vérifiée A young girl infiltrating WICKED sees the love of her life being killed. Confused by everything she watches, she writes a letter to her star.
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Blog update

Histoire non vérifiée Blog update for Paul Sergent
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Histoire de blog


Histoire non vérifiée I love my best friend and I can't help it at all.
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