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When Minseok traveled to southern China out of sheer boredom, he never imagined stumbling into a war between two political factions, much less fall into the hands of the mysterious and handsome soldier of indecipherable expressions, Luhan. Now that things were going terribly wrong for the young Korean, what could possibly be worse than getting lo…
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.33 Caliber Love Story (EN)

Histoire non vérifiée Frank had lived for almost 15 years in a nightmare created by his own father, from which he never woke up. Amid the pain of years of abuse and despotism, Frank meets Gerard, and fatally falls in love more than would be wise for himself and him. TW: rape, pedophilia edit: in the beginning its really all angst and stuff, but then it's gonna be flu…
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Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of why Louis Tomlinson disappears every Halloween.
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Arrogant Boss

Histoire non vérifiée Jung Hoseok era o que as pessoas chamam de iceberg ambulante. Sempre focado em seu trabalho, o alfa só demonstrava sentimentos como carinho a seu único amigo. Mas como ninguém controla o destino, ele cruza o caminho de Min Yoongi um ômega esquentado e decidido que faz tudo ficar de cabeça para baixo em sua vida, ele tentava negar mas Yoongi esque…
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Histoire non vérifiée The story is based on the album Ultraviolence of singer Lana Del Rey in forms of letters. pages of diary and memories. Each chapter will be the subject of each track on the album I hope you like it P.S.: May have some errors in writing and/or verbal agreement, I am sorry, English is my second language (I am not 100%) I apologize again and patien…
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