Perdue en forêt

Jessica se promenait en vélo. Ses parents lui avaient interdit d'aller se promener en forêt, mais la jeune fille y était allée quand même. À cause de sa désobéissance, Jessica va vivre de périlleuses aventures ! Ceci est un roman d'aventure. Mais dans ce roman, tu joues Jessica et c'est à toi de choisir les bons choix pour que tu retrouves tes pa…
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Adventures in the Amazon

A young girl embarks on an Adventure in the Amazon's jungle
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Can't be a fox without the long ears [English]

Let's just say it's a story about a fox and a sparrow having a good time together. Except the fox is actually a girl with a fluffy tail and the sparrow is smarter than her, and all they do is run away from their own mistakes.
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When a prophecy heralds the arrival of a great evil, a young prosecutor unravels his past while trying to prevent what is to come.
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Journey to the Stars

Julia has lost her loving mother, and she is really unhappy as a result. She believes that if she keeps searching, she'll find the answers to all of her burning questions somewhere out there. She is desperate to find the truth, and it will take her on a journey that will change her life forever. But where will it lead her?
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Sometimes your worst nightmare can become your best dream! What began as a tragic event later became a promising escapade. It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", well, in this case, a place that caused fear and uncertainty for my future also gave me hope for a new beginning. #3 in the Inkspired Challenge Island Survivor
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What is hidden does not stay closed forever. The mark of darkness this is true ...
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Hero to Hercules

A reincarnation of Hercules, named Hero awakes at his Father's kingdom barely arriving alive, after one of his long voyages to prove him self to the people of the world and to achieve his place as this age's True Hero. Please like, follow, subscribe, for more literature like this one. By- Heath Legend Lemond
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Running through the Night

After her friend's spell goes wrong, Isis and Willow must go deep into the forest to save their friend.
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Into the Future

Une partie de l’univers de The Universe of Space & Time Kid goes to future
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I'm Not Giving Up

Emma is a girl who ran away. In this story find out why she ran away and how she manages to stay alive.
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An Essence Of Time.

In a time where there is no technology, the people that dwell within the Sterling settlement walls must go out to find resources they need to revolutionise their place, helping one another, along with epic battles with the different creatures that inhabit the earth. The Sterling settlement protectors meet Outsiders, gaining elements to keep the wo…
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Basil and his sister Ash have always been close. However, after Ash is kidnapped, Basil is left angry and upset. Ash is being turned to the dark side, without her fully knowing it. Basil needs to save his sister before it's too late, but the years pass, and more damage is being caused by the dark side. Basil needs to save his sister from the darkn…
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Gifted Hands

You would think creating a time machine could be so much fun; unfortunately, this one isn’t; bringing back extinct creatures for a reason, because their only mission is to cause destruction. It is up to Max that gets blessed with power; you could say the fate of life as we know it rests in the palms of a guy that believes he has nothing to live fo…
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L’ aventurière de l’école de Borgare

Une fille de 18 ans nommée Agate, pendant son aventure ( dangereuse ) rencontre des collègues (ami/e) dans une école ( mystérieuse )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Azuma Pirate Lord

When a pirate Is marooned on an island he finds he has a second chance at life
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Hidden Gem

Appearances can be deceiving; a decrepit mansion sits lifeless but once homed to many fun family memories; with the sale of Mum’s childhood home looming, it’s time to clear up all their personal belongings, but there is a room she has never seen until I stumble across it.
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Beware of the dog

eware of the Dog is a 1944 World War II story by Roald Dahl which was originally published in Harper's Magazine and later appeared in his Over to You collection. It was made into the movie 36 Hours in 1964.
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The time Traveller

He finds him self in the future .
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𝙵𝚘𝚡'𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎

Watch the life a little fox cub UNFINISHED
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Jules has no idea what she's getting into when she runs into Alex on her way home. She just assumes he's just the bad boy everyone says when he's in an alley with a mysterious suitcase and hooded figure, but soon her whole life will be upside down when she finds out who this figure truly is. _________________________
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Wasted Knights: Tales of a dark power

Our tale centers itself around a merry band of adventurers, just trying to make it in a world that seems turned upside down. First there are zombies, then cultists worshiping demon lords, and all sorts of merry mishaps. Join us, as we try and figure out just what the hell is going on in this place.
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The GrimJack

Case Sanders has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Haunted by the guilt of his master's death, he fights whatever evil he encounters and saves the lives of those who can't fight for themselves. But how long can he keep it up? Find out in this series called the Grim Jack.
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Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his secre…
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Monsters United: Adventures

Riley returns to the next Installment of the Monsters United Trilogy. Now graduated from MU, Riley is excited to work at MI as a Scare Alumni, but her life is once more turned around when her past once more comes uninvited, opening a new door about her true reason for being in the Monster World.
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The path of the north

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution
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