Hero to Hercules

A reincarnation of Hercules, named Hero awakes at his Father's kingdom after barely arriving alive, after one if his long voyages to prove him self to the people of the world and to achieve his place as this age's True Hero. Please like, follow, subscribe, for more literature like this one. By- Heath Legend Lemond
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Hashim Khail and keeper of the Gates

In an attempt to please his father, Hashim Khail, a young prince finds himself in a dilemma after a great tragedy struck him. He wakes up in a foreign land, enslaved and at the mercy of a new king.
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She Had No Forgiveness

Histoire non vérifiée Rosemary takes on a different experience when she is introduced to a local college a travel program was offered to the islands colleges .Rosemary ,Sasha ,Emily began a unforgettable journey along the way they encounter people from a developing biology outbreak on Island she and her parents reside.
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Muse: Book 1

Eumelia is no ordinary girl. Having the magic abilities to create and control all forms of music, she returns to Encanto, hoping to catch some well-deserved time off from her hard studies in school. However, when weird things begin happening around her, she takes a step into unknown territory that for her sake, shouldn't be crossed, unless she wan…
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Shupa: A Lion's tale

It's about a Barbary lion named Shupa, Who lived with his pride and son in the Atlas Mountains and He is taken by Trappers to the Colossuem in 220 BCE and He has to survive and thrive to get back to his son and pride.
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Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his secre…
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The path of the north

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution
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A Medieval Romance. By Mark Twain

A medieval romance
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I'm Not Giving Up

Emma is a girl who ran away. In this story find out why she ran away and how she manages to stay alive.
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Histoire non vérifiée Basil and his sister Ash have always been close. However, after Ash is kidnapped, Basil is left angry and upset. Ash is being turned to the dark side, without her fully knowing it. Basil needs to save his sister before it's too late, but the years pass, and more damage is being caused by the dark side. Basil needs to save his sister from the darkn…
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The Story of Chess

Histoire non vérifiée It is a very beautiful story. I am very sure that you will not find another story of chess better than this. TRUST ME
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Journey to the Stars

Julia has lost her loving mother, and she is really unhappy as a result. She believes that if she keeps searching, she'll find the answers to all of her burning questions somewhere out there. She is desperate to find the truth, and it will take her on a journey that will change her life forever. But where will it lead her?
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When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases.
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What is hidden does not stay closed forever. The mark of darkness this is true ...
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Jeddayah Swearenjen And The Knight's Sword

Histoire non vérifiée The Story Of Jeddayah Swearenjen The King Of Alkatraz That Was Betrayed By Trakos. Will He Succeed? Will He Regain His Leadership? Find Out About The Author - Numan Zafar Is A 13 Year Old Boy That Writes Fiction Books For All Ages
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The Son of the Wolf by Jack London

Son of the Wolf is his first collection of stories drawing on his experience in the Yukon. The stories included tell of gambles won and lost, of endurance and sacrifice, and often turn on the qualities of exceptional women and on the relations between the white adventurers and the native tribes.
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Histoire non vérifiée Bizim mekan ile arkadaşlık bağlarınız güçlenir sizlere özel bizimmekan sohbet odalarında samimi ve seviyeli sohbetler edebilirsiniz.
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The Price of rebellion

Annabelle has been one of the most hated criminals in Obsidian but she is sick of living in the destruction of a place she should call home. A key, a dream and little to no hope are all she has left. Forced, controlled and threatened in a place where she marches along with an army of manipulated souls or becomes the phoenix rising from ashes o…
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Storm of Secrets

Told of an ancient cave when she was young, Rayn believes there is more to where her powers really originated from. She, along with her friends, will finally crack the code and find the truth.
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Storm Chasing

Rayn is the typical female that chooses the road to become the greatest racer. When meets a Rookie racer, she becomes curious about her way of life, sending her into an adventure about finding yourself and going to great lengths to find the truth.
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Lost Face by Jack London

Jack London's short fiction is often thought to be his greatest achievement. The short story "Lost Face" is about Polish fur trader that strikes a deal with the Nulato Indians who tortured and killed his companions.
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Chef 3: Part 3- The Third One

The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss, and was ready to give up when the light shone upon the world once again, revealing to him the path to redemption.
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The Red One by Jack London

The story is told from the perspective of a scientist called Bassett, who is on an expedition in the jungle of Guadalcanal to collect butterflies. The "Red One" of the title refers to a giant red sphere, of apparently extraterrestrial origin, that the headhunting natives worship as their god and to which they perform human sacrifices. Bassett beco…
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We Live and Die as One

Histoire non vérifiée When two brothers are forced to fight Risk their lives They will fight anything As long as they are together
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Jules has no idea what she's getting into when she runs into Alex on her way home. She just assumes he's just the bad boy everyone says when he's in an alley with a mysterious suitcase and hooded figure, but soon her whole life will be upside down when she finds out who this figure truly is. _________________________
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Why You Sound Book Flights to Austin Right Now

Histoire non vérifiée Austin is a city that needs no introduction. It is already one of the most well-known cities not only in the United States of America but the entire world.
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Beware of the dog

eware of the Dog is a 1944 World War II story by Roald Dahl which was originally published in Harper's Magazine and later appeared in his Over to You collection. It was made into the movie 36 Hours in 1964.
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On the Makaloa Mat by Jack London

"Unlike the women of most warm races, those of Hawaii age well and nobly. With no pretence of make-up or cunning concealment of time's inroads, the woman who sat under the hau tree might have been permitted as much as fifty years by a judge competent anywhere over the world save in Hawaii. Yet her children and her grandchildren, and Roscoe Scandwe…
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