Tale Of Two Dwarves, An Elderlore Story

Une partie de l’univers de Hearthlands of Elderlore A dialogue view of two dwarves mining in the great caverns of Orebor. Their Dwarf King lays heavy burdens upon them, however, the king’s wrath compares not to the mountain’s rage.
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Steel Bones

Histoire non vérifiée Cyborgs. Ugly, mutant, creatures. Some call them beasts. Some say they will one day try to kill everyone with their powers. Some do plan to do that. Meet Ava Lizza Carter. She may be 49% cyborg, but she isn't ugly, she is beautiful. She is a mutant; but she perfers the term servivor. She isn't a beast; she is a fighter. And she will never take ove…
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Ignatius-Valdis, Book 0 [Heaven's Curse]

Une partie de l’univers de Excelian Universe A DEMON WITHIN. AN UNKNOWN ENEMY. A DEADLY THREAT. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is cursed and hated, but will be her home's greatest asset. In the underground country of the Fire Reserve, New Icarus is home to the Excelians superhuman and elemental utilisers. Gothalia had the ill fortune of being born with a high level of unstable élanocytes inherite…
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Long Journeys

Livia Madison Roberts was a poor orphan girl on the streets until... long story short, a strangly beautiful woman came to tell her she was a angel warrior. And like any sivilized person, she freaked out. Livia soons figured out her parents were alive but held captive by The Dark Divison, a group of evil Dragons, Ogres, Trolls, Witches, Vampires, …
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Histoire non vérifiée Maeko 'May' Fukumoto never thought of herself as a somebody, especially not a hero, but one day she discovers her ability to create and control fire. Soon May learns that she is apart of an underground world she never knew existed, the world of 'Chromats'. People with strange powers begin to show up, some working for a mysterious woman know…
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Histoire non vérifiée Be ready! Don't lie. She's coming for you, don't get wrong with her. You're the next to die, better don't be a shame. Shots... One is for you.
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TIMERZ - Finding the Immortal Stone

Une partie de l’univers de Vijay~books This is a story of fantasy creatures. They have silently done with their works. Two works which they are doing is destroying the human world. Another one is safeguarding the human world. There are some good ones as well as bad ones. Some of these characters you have heard from your childhood and Angels, Fairies, Elves, and so on. A dynasty of the …
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“The more money you spend on guns, the less money you spend on people! ... STOP WAR! #STOPWAR
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The story talks about a Crusader Knight, Named John and his journey through the Third Crusade in the Holy land, John has been summoned by King Richard the first to attend the crusades against the Muslim Factions, Will he be able to get back to England safe and sound ?
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Histoire non vérifiée There alone but together. with no one around they need to learn how to fend for themselves, but that wont be easy. there are dark forces around, all of which want to get rid of tehem.
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Squad files

Follow a group of enhanced kids as they try to make something of their lives. In the wierd world that they live in, they constantly fight stupidly over powered criminals, and just plain stupid criminals. A comedic journey to find the true master mind behind all evil.
#4 in Action 38 CHAPITRES 15.5mille vues 129 14 Histoire terminée

Crimson Blade

In the year 3456, planet Earth. Kalverya Nindo, lives a life of a struggling assassin, dealing with jobs that no ordinary woman would dare take on. But that’s the catch. Kalverya is no ordinary woman. With above average reflexes, stamina, strength and speed. She's the most inhuman human, there is in this world. When Kalverya Nindo heads to another…
#2 in Action 10 CHAPITRES 34.4mille vues 20 22 Histoire terminée

The Dragonborn

In an immense planet, full of thousands of races and creatures, the story of Kinori stands out, a young man who appears to be human, but within himself carries a unique power, the dragon blood. He is one of the 4 dragon children with this power, as dragons were long extinct. That is why an unknown group of villains is after them, and in order to d…
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[ENG] Element/Zero [Book 1]

Philip Mrown, an aspiring hero, saw his best friend, along with thousands of others, get destroyed in front of him, in an incident involving dark energy. Investigating the incident, he discovers that it was caused by one of the three Eyre stones, objects of great power that, when put together, can fulfil any wish. Philip deduces that a war will …
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Two non-identical twins

The difference between the twins Mia and Ria is very easy to see. Nobody knows what will happen to them.
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Kyra & the Rise of The Philistine Clan, Book I

Une partie de l’univers de Excelian Universe A COMPANION SERIES TO THE CHRONICLES OF HEAVEN’S CURSE. Not all Excelians live within the Earth’s crust or even on Earth itself due their dark past. Instead, they were forced to another world, they later forged as Valtoria a sanctuary for all Daemone. Like the Xzandians who hunt for the twelve pieces of Midnight Eclipse and the twenty-four pieces …
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Rise Of Cell Phones And Cell Phone Repair Industry- A Brief Story

Histoire non vérifiée The next important factor which should be able to prompt you into opting for repair instead of buying a device when the former one faces damage.
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Revive Daily (Sleep Support) To Improve Sleep Quality, And Restore The Natural Sleep Cycle!

Histoire non vérifiée Product - Revive Daily Benefits - Improve Sleep Aids, Growth Hormone, Better Energy Levels. Ingredients - Melatonin, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Lysine, Minerals. Side Effects - N/A Price - $59. Availability - Official Website (Only) Official Website - https://www.healthsupplement24x7.com/get-revive-daily
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read lost library

Histoire non vérifiée https://blog.goo.ne.jp/robbielilyvart/e/0e0e6bab63be09cd295266d88678129d https://blog.goo.ne.jp/robbielilyvart/e/5b4984bb45ac166f3e0567655f40e3a0 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/robbielilyvart/e/a4fc37d92ad397b75f3774018e1c4675 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/frostflutterz/e/8a6b76b5a92a1b926c8736212454685c https://blog.goo.ne.jp/frostflutterz/e/765740c32df6e1dc54e…
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Rejuviant Vitamin C Cream Review – Does This Product Really Work?

Histoire non vérifiée Rejuviant Vitamin C Cream is an anti-aging serum that moisturizes the skin while also reducing wrinkles and repairing the damage.
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Skincell Advanced Review Fast Results In As Little As 8 Hours | Remove Skin Tags

Histoire non vérifiée Skincell Advanced aims to be a high-quality, easy-to-use liquid serum that can deliver visible results quickly.
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Une partie de l’univers de Galactic Histoire non vérifiée Rebbeca has no idea what is going on with her. When she has a "power attack" in public the city is frightened and wants to ban her. But she is on a mission. What will she do now?!
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Read Legend Story Media

Histoire non vérifiée https://blog.goo.ne.jp/gauruaeroa/e/01eed26ffd11359128b60c6c5dcc5a78 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/gauruaeroa/e/19e59e95d900f1210af58ff56a5b6a41 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/gauruaeroa/e/acbba87166f41ca34069782ca7e3d7b5 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/khiasloroy/e/4cf05c8c71562ccf3910cd09581f3f62 https://blog.goo.ne.jp/khiasloroy/e/4e2f7118676549b06b1a636a6390ccd9 http…
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Skincell Advanced Review: Powerful Serum Made From Natural Ingredients

Histoire non vérifiée Skincell Advanced is a powerful serum made from natural ingredients. With just a few drops applied to a blemish, the serum works to penetrate to the root of a mole or skin tag.
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Smart Tips When Choosing The Ideal Financial Planner

Histoire non vérifiée Investment is an exceptionally good way to make sure that your money grows.
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The rainforest storm

Histoire non vérifiée It a mystery but also a clue
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Questions to Ask When Looking For Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Kansas

Histoire non vérifiée Even if you understand the quality of the seeds from your experience, you can also use a test method for surety.
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Skincell Advanced : Order Your Supply Of Skincell Advanced Now!

Histoire non vérifiée Skincell Advanced is a powerful serum made from natural ingredients. With just a few drops applied to a blemish, the serum works to penetrate to the root of a mole or skin tag.
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