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Train Trucks

I walk through the fog not looking to the front. The grave of the train tracks matches the fog of the night. 

The light of the far town remind me of what I leave with every step. 

One step, two steps ... The forest grows and mountains now aren't a sketch on the horizon anymore. 

In this cold night I'm now thinking "shit I should have taken a jacket".

I look the rusty iron of the tracks, it has to be cold. 

Finally I hear the train and I stop my way to look to the front and... There you are.

You look like always, so beautiful and pure.

You're looking at the train coming to us and then you turn around and there it is. That look.

Your eyes connecting with mine in that gaze i love and hate so much. That one when I think I can look in too the deepest of your eyes and feel you. That one when I think  my soul is naked. That gaze that raise my heart.

The lamps of the train begin to light up your shape and the sound of the siren is close.

There was a time when I thought I could save you, there was a a time when I thought you would save me. But here we are, at the edge of the line looking at each others eyes.

 Staring too the last goodbye I see your hair raising up in the air and I close my eyes.

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